Sunday, May 5, 2013

Why Liberals r the Real Haters ...

Hi! Welcome back to thwap's increasingly insane schoolyard! I'm going to continue to channel the right-wing mind because I have no desire to type about anything else.

Today I'll be learnin' you on how it's the pinkos, liberals, commies, white-guilt types who are the real racists in society. They're racist against white people in that they hate them (even though most of them are white themselves) and they're racist against everyone else with their "affirmative action" quota system that shows leftists don't think minorities can make it in society on their own elbow-grease and wearing their own thinking-caps.

This all goes against what you hear in the liberal-dominated media, wherein it's conservatives are bigots and racists and it's the (no surprise in a liberal-dominated media) lovely liberals and leftists who are the heroic champions of human equality. How do they argue this "Big Lie"? It's really a crude circular argument.

STEP 1: Liberals don't believe that minorities are smart enough to make it on their own so they invent affirmative action programs to give jobs to minorities even if they're not qualified for them.

STEP 2: Conservatives speak out against racist discrimination against white people and racist insults to minorities of these embarrassing quotas.

STEP 3: Liberals call conservatives racist for opposing racist affirmative action programs.

In so doing, the liberal political-correctness thought police silence conservatives with the smear of "racist" ... but thankfully, more and more conservatives are cottoning to this tactic for the lying smear that it is and are refusing to stay silent!

As well, the liberals get all the minority votes because of all the jobs they give to unqualified minority members. Now, if I was a sane person, I would notice the contradiction between my saying that affirmative action programs are seen as an insult by minorities while at the same time saying that they win votes from minority voters. But I'm not sane. I'm a conservative. So, my "affirmative action is an insult" sits quietly in the background, while my "affirmative action wins votes" stays in the foreground and I use it to argue that minorities are full of lazy people with a false sense of entitlement given to them by A) liberal propaganda which they cunningly exploit and B) their own degenerate cultures of failure and sloth and short-term gratification.

Now don't get your knickers in a twist! Racism is when you say that certain homo-sapiens (or "humans" as it says in the Bible) are genetically inferior and need to be exterminated like vermin. Criticizing people's cultures where they are defective is NOT racism and is, in fact, meant to be kindly and constructive.

[I'll post this as is and finish it later. I want to play "Candy Crush" and then do the dishes.]


Owen Gray said...

You do a good job of channeling "the righteous," thwap.

thwap said...

tis a blessing and a curse.