Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Obamabots: Lessons For Canada

Let's all remember that it was the Liberal Party of Canada, under Jean Chretien and then Paul Martin, who helped bring us to our present sorry state. Chretien and Martin began the process of tax cuts (ostensibly to "spur growth" and we all know how well that's worked out) and austerity (in the name of "deficit reduction" but actually in the cause of class warfare). In this, they were similar to the other North American "liberal" who dominated the 1990s: President Clinton.

It was under the lovely Liberal Party of Canada that our disgrace in Afghanistan began. It was under them that Maher Arar, Abullah Almalki, Ahmad El Maati and Muayyed Nureddin's torture began. If not for Chretien's street smarts, Canada would have been dragged into the cauldron of Iraq as well as Afghanistan. It was the brainless Paul Martin who agreed to overthrow President Aristide of Haiti and to return that country to the cabal of kleptocratic scum who later reduced their fellow citizens to eating dirt to fill their bellies.

My fear is that just as bush II was worse than Clinton and now Obama is worse than bush II, so will it be the case that as harper is worse than Chretien and Martin, Justin Trudeau will be worse than harper. Justin Trudeau has been described (sometimes mockingly) as a blank slate. There are ominous hints of atrocities to come however. Chillingly, the same was said of Obama; that he was a blank slate upon whom people could project whatever they wanted. There were hints of the disaster to come though. It is for that reason that I'll bother to write about US-American insanity even though this is a Canadian blog.


Czarek Lupa said...

Why as a replacement for it you are not able to think about a remote tropical lagoon with a vast sandy seashore occupied by small pebbles and clear light blue water?

thwap said...

Czarek Lupa,

Thanks to that word picture you painted, I'm able to now!!!!