Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Crazy Right-Wing Extremists

So, two crazy people shot and killed some cops in Las Vegas. They see the police as an oppressive force, bullying people on behalf of corrupt elites. Some other guy in Georgia was convicted under some bullshit drug laws for a small amount of marijuna and because of that, the state was coming to take his guns away. So he went to the local courthouse with some guns to take some hostages, but it didn't work out like he planned. There's lots of this stuff in the USA. And, just recently, we had a Canadian version of this anti-authority gun-nut.

Are the police oppressive? Obviously they are. More and more, they're cold-blooded killers. Authoritarian goons, accountable to no one.

Is the system corrupt? Are our elites corrupt and evil and detrimental to our health? You bet they are.

So, what about these people? Aside from their murderous rampages, is there any way we could find some common ground with them?

No. First of all, us wimpy progressives believe that the best way to control the government is through firm application of the rule of law on corrupt elites. (Well, at least us wimpy, wimpy progressives. Fire-eating radicals know that the whole enchilida is a scam. That our elites are crooked our courts are crooked and we have zero rights and voting is for suckers. These radicals know that the best way to achieve revolutionary gains is by discussing things in small groups of like-minded people, and to organize pointless "actions" until the group splits up because they're all a bunch of power-hungry assholes.)

Where was I? Oh yeah, ... organizing to make the government strictly adhere to their obligations on citizens' rights and the rule of law is going to control governments a lot better than putting on sixty pounds and strutting around with semi-automatic weapons while ignoring the police-state abuses of protesters and the poor and minorities ever will.

Ah yes! "Minorities." "Visible Minorities." "Racialized Individuals." It seems that these anti-authority gun-nuts are white supremacists. In 1930's Europe it was Gypsies and Jews. In North America, it's mainly Blacks, Latino hordes, Muslims, ... and various others. I think on the East Coast it's also East Asians and South Asians who they hate. For the white supremacists, the efforts to regulate guns are really about disarming white people so as to leave them at the mercy of the degenerate sun-people. (And, of course, everyone's afraid to admit that it's really THE JEWS who are behind it all! For reasons that only the crazed, paranoid, racist conspiracy theorists can understand or describe.)

These idiots also disagree with us about the economy. They appear to believe in some mythical never-neverland, where small farmers and small business owners always make a comfortable living because evil governments and corporations don't exist to fleece them. And, decent, hard-working white people can always find a job because there aren't any coloured people with no self-respect who will work at any wage and drive down wages and cause unemployment for white people. In other words, total bullshit fantasy.

The sad thing is; as criminals like Obama and harper and the Koch brothers and Wall Street continue to rob people and imprison anyone who complains, and the economy understandably deteriorates, it's these fascists who will form the larger resistance force. New Hitlers will emerge while progressives blather to themselves with laughable rhetoric and impenetrable theories.

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