Thursday, June 12, 2014

This Putrid Election

Vote for the thieving assholes to stop the psychotic, stupid, monsters' party!

What a choice.

I voted for the milquestoast Liberal-lite party, thank you very much.

Horwath's problem is that she doesn't have enough analysis and enough faith in socialism to push back against the hegemony of stupid bullshit. Instead, she tries to accommodate it.

Don't ask me about any other party until we get proportional representation.


Anonymous said...

"Don't ask me about any other party until we get proportional representation."

Sadly, the Ontario Liberals fucked that up for us for the foreseeable future.

thwap said...

Looks like we can see why.

The idea of these idiots getting a majority is sickening.

Wonder how well her progressive budget fervor will last with a majority.

Anonymous said...

Fuck hordat! If she wants to suck up to fascists like whodat, she got what she had coming. She wanted a minority gubbmint with whodat - she fucking got one! 59 to 48 is most assuredly a minority gubbmint. When she wants to start acting like a progressive again instead of some over-the-hill-cheerleader for whodat and his ilk, I will be happy to vote NDP AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Her "progressive" budget was greatly exaggerated...

thwap said...

Anonymous 1,

Given the Horwath was trying to take away some of Hudak's vote, I don't think she can be accused of wanting to make him premier.

Still, her campaign sucked and I'd be delighted if it makes them think at least some of their loss came from betraying and insulting the ONDP's base.

Given past history, the shit-heads in charge will probably conclude that they didn't move enough to the centre.

thwap said...

Anonymous 2,

I should have put " " marks around "progressive."