Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hopelessly Stupid People Talking About Iraq

Back in the day, when perhaps only 500,000 human beings had been killed in Iraq, I had an exchange with "conservative" blogger "Papa Junker" from the blog "Celestial Junk." While we were talking about some other subject, he asked if I'd care to admit that my side had gotten Iraq completely wrong.

Given that there had been no "Weapons of Mass Destruction" found there and that the occupation had turned into a bloody civil war, I could only sit stunned as I read his version that, ignoring the naysayers, bush II had gone in and removed a tyrant from power, freeing the Iraqi people who, together with bush II and other brave US Americans, pluckily stood together against the lefty pessimists and the Jihadists, defeated the bad guys and built a thriving functioning democracy with purple fingers and ponies and rainbows forever. Whiskey, democracy, sexy.

Obviously I wasn't convinced then and, obviously, I'm less convinced now, as Sunni rebels have conquered one city and are closing on Baghdad. Not even the delusions of someone like "Junker" could ... who am I kidding? He's probably got some new insane way to spin all of this (or blame it on Obama) that I'm incapable (being sane and all) of comprehending.

But right-wing blogging nobodies are one thing. What about the drooling alcoholic idiot bush II painting hackneyed portraits of his puppies and his feet? What about stephen harper? What about Paul Martin Jr.? What about David Brooks? What about John McCain? What about Tony Blair? What about all the powerful lying frauds who used their power and influence to sell this disastrous war and push it through to its hideous outcome?

Well? What about them?

What's the point of complaining about any of this? By that I mean, what's the point of CONTINUED complaining about any of this? Instead of complaining, wouldn't it be better if we, the people who have been consistently correct all the time, somehow figured out how to change things (at least in Canada) so that the ONLY people talking about the next imperialist adventure are impotent loser bloggers like "Papa Junker"? That there are no major political figures or media owners or pundits blathering on about more stupid nonsense, because they've all been driven from power?

Why don't we think about what is necessary to accomplish THAT rather than years of more sniping from the sidelines? Why are we all so incapable of even thinking about how this could be achieved? Why do we choose to spend our lives in impotent frustration?

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