Monday, June 9, 2014

Endorsing Hudak

No surprise that the shit-for-brains Toronto Sun is endorsing the shit-for-brains Tim Hudak for premier in Ontario. And, at first it's a little shocking, but in retrospect, not surprising, that the shit-for-brains at the Globe & Mail endorse the idiot too.

What is it about Hudak and the Ontario PC's do they like? Is it the fact that his tax-cuts and jobs plan is the same failed crapola that brought us to the economic crisis of 2008? Is it the fact that his stupid plan has been exposed as having been based on laughably bad math and is being sold with lies? Do they like the idea of the public service being decimated by 100,000 positions being cut?

Or do they look back fondly to the Harris-era, when First Nations people, occupying their homes after FIFTY YEARS of peaceful petitioning had failed to get them returned after the government stole them, get shot at and killed by the OPP? Do they sigh wistfully at the thought of people dying from drinking the tap water? Do they think constant, needless fights and teacher strikes were a good thing for Ontario students then and they will be so again? Did they chuckle to themselves when they read about people dying in ambulances that couldn't find a hospital emergency room that could even pretend to be able to look at their patients?

You know what? At this point I thought I'd quote from their asshole endorsements and go to town on them, but the fact of the matter is that I'm too lazy and I don't care anyway. I don't care what stupid words those drooling idiots have strung together in an attempt to justify their asinine, anti-democratic decision.

This is what hegemony looks like people. You get to pretend that your own brand of insanity is "normal" and you get to pretend that reasonable, sane policies are "radical extremism."

Here's a thought experiment: Imagine if Andrea Horwath was found to have conflated annual job hours over 8 years to mean actual new jobs per year. Imagine what the Sun and the Globe would say about her. Imagine if it had been Rae's ONDP that was responsible for the deaths at Walkerton. Imagine what right-wingers would be saying today about the ONDP's desire to govern.

Personally, I'm done with caring about the reasons for their stupid delusions. I don't give a flying-fuck about their opinions or their criticisms or anything they fucking say. They were wrong about everything in the 1990s and they're wrong about everything today. We need to change the culture. We need a left that actually stands opposed to capitalism. We need a left that knows how to change the culture and that actually does so. So that we don't have to endure this stupid bullshit.


Anonymous said...

Prince Charles had it all wrong. Putin isn't Hitler, Harper is. There is Harper's Northern Foundation of 1989. It is said, the Canadian Nazis donated to Harper's Alliance in 2002. Harper's henchmen are, useless, spineless, gutless wonders.

Herr Harper rips into Russian for their annexation of the Crimea. However, Harper says absolutely nothing about Communist China, doing the same damned thing and even worse.

The opposition are worse than useless. With Harper out and out lying, deceiving, thefts, corruption, dirty politics, dirty tactics, cheating to win and he is still in office? I'm not buying it.

There is some dirty work going on and we see it, but the opposition doesn't? The opposition sees nothing wrong with Communist China on our Canadian soil? They see no wrong in, Canadians being laid off their resource jobs, being replaced by cheap foreign labor? I'm not buying that either.

thwap said...

Thanks for the head's up!