Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Overestimating Them: stephen harper edition

Yesterday I talked about how Dick Cheney was reduced to stammering confusion when confronted with the mildest recitation of the truth about his dismal stupidity and asserted how all these cowardly cretins would fold if faced with genuine challenges.

stephen harper is a sterling example of this cowardice and fraud. harper isn't a very bright guy. he leads a political bowel movement that is mainly based upon ignorance (the mass of their voting base) and greed (the capitalist vermin who finance them). To dominate the pack of idiots that is the Conservative Party of Canada doesn't require Isaac Newton. harper has, as did Dick Cheney, relied on the abuse of power to escape every and any crisis brought upon by his own blundering and corruption.

But, whenever harper found himself in a genuine tight spot, his chosen tactic was to flee in pants-shitting panic. Each and every single time, when harper could cower somewhere during a crisis, he did. Because he's a bully. And bullies are cowards. Bullies are compensating for some external problems (abusive parents/siblings, some sort of personal trauma) or internal problems (sheer stupidity, sexual conflicts, general feelings of self-loathing and incapacity). It would be nice if harper could wrestle with, and defeat, whatever demons are tormenting him. he should attend to that on his own time and not subject the rest of us to his psychoses.

It's sometimes the case that whatever mental problems are afflicting an individual are, they themselves aren't to blame for that person being generally shitty and unpleasant to be around. I'm pretty sure I'd find harper to be dreadful company even under optimal conditions.

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