Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Killer of the RCMP Officers in Moncton

What was up with Justin Bourque? I saw his facebook page and it's obvious he's a symptom of Canada's infection from the right-wing disease and garbage epidemic in the USA. Pictures of Sarah Palin and rants against "liberals" and gun-worshiping. There was also a bizarre condemnation of social inequality and professions of anti-authoritarianism. Which is the big tragedy of these sorts of simpletons. Sarah Palin was the VP candidate for a party that is totally about perpetuating and increasing social inequality. For all their drooling idiocy about "elites," right-wing populists don't know their asses from a hole in the ground. They attack the progressives, who, by raising the lowest in society, hope to raise everyone. Right-wing populists can only process that the minorities who they despise are receiving benefits and that they aren't. The Nazis rode this train to power and how did that work out for people? The Nazi Party became an all-powerful, unaccountable elite. The traditional power-structure remained under them and profited. Lower-level party functionaries became local swaggering bullies. Everyone's individuality was subsumed to the "national will" which became Hitler's nation-destroying delusions.

That's what I saw on Bourque's facebook page: fascism incubating.

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