Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Destroying Information and Blowing Bubbles

The United States of America is having a terrible time economically. The Wall Street crash did much more of a number on their economy than it did on ours. But we're coming up on our own disaster. Here's why:

1. Successive presidential administrations doctored the collecting of economic statistics so that the it became increasingly difficult to know what exactly is going on in the economy.

2. As more and more people fell off the radar, the economy hollowed out and this was covered over with technology bubbles, real estate bubbles and massive transfers as wealth.

So now harper has turned Statistics Canada into a shadow of its former self. his government uses kijiji for its economic statistics. Our economy is dependent upon the unsustainable (because it is both ecologically catastrophic and economically unfeasible) tar sands project and on real estate bubbles in our major cities.

I predict that harper is going to drag things along until he's forced to call an election in 2015. Then he can beat a Trudeau and retire. But, given how horrible the harpercons are becoming, it's possible that even with Putrescent Pierre Poilieverre's "Stealing Elections Act" in place, the harpercons will lose. Then a "hope n' change" blank slate of a Liberal can tell us we have no choice but to swallow the austerity that is supposedly necessary to clean up the mess.

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