Monday, June 2, 2014

Neither Racism nor Sexism Exist

It must be REALLY strange to inhabit the mind of a right-winger. Despite all the evidence, racism doesn't exist. (Unless it's "reverse racism" for some reason.) And, in the wake of the Isla Vista shooting, it turns out that sexism doesn't exist either. (Unless it's the misandryst hatred of radical lesbian feminists.) This is the world of the "Awesome Canadian." (Or the "Awesome American.")

In this topsy-turvy funhouse of a society, men and women encounter each other as equals. They are different, with their own prescribed roles, but equal. It's only when twisted, man-hating feminists and their pussy-whipped left-wing male sycophants try to stir up trouble by reciting imaginary grievances, that things go wrong. There is no racism. Our society welcomes everyone with open arms and gives everyone the chance to reach their highest potential. Sure, there's a "white, male, Christian power-structure" but it's a benevolent one that doesn't really exist, except in those strange moments when loofah sponges transmorgrify into falafels. It's only when cynical, power-hungry leftist totalitarians exploit the ambition and greed of lazy blacks and First Nations, ... or when Jihad-minded Muslim radicals take advantage of our leftist-imposed human rights legislation, that the grim spectre of race intrudes upon our colour-blind utopia.

There's no need for "gay pride." There's no "straight pride" why do they need a "gay pride"? Especially since we're all basically heterosexual (as God intended us to be). I suppose though, that right-wingers perceive better than I do, that all women could easily become tit-sucking carpet munchers and that all men are tempted by the idea of a rock-hard dick and submitting to the penetration of their greased-up back-doors. Sure, we're ALL tempted. But God will burn us in Hell forever more if we give into these temptations planted by Satan. Only the despicably weak give themselves over to these desires. (And, inexplicably, despite the fact that we're all wired for heterosexuality, many of these weak, damned fools give themselves over EXCLUSIVELY to their inversions! "I know mom and dad would prefer me to be porking dames, but I refuse to stop smoking pole, just because!") Who knows why these perverts do what they do? Right-wingers only know that they don't hate them because they have many friends, often close friends, who are weak, vile deviants.

But, anyway, there's no such thing as sexism. Women still get paid less than men simply because they do different work. Work that isn't valued as highly as men's work. Because men's work is more important because. And, anyway, women on average have been getting higher pay raises than men in recent years. This isn't making up for past inequalities. It's mainly because thuggish unions of lazy public sector workers, run by lazy, greedy, man-hating feminist ideologues are trying to fleece taxpayers and emasculate men and right-wingers hate them, hate them, HATE THEM, in this, our colour-blind, gender equalized, God-fearing society.

Sure, women didn't have the vote for hundreds of years. But they didn't want it or need it really. Men do so many things for women. Like "hunt the mammoth" and dying in wars. Did you know that more men have died as soldiers than have women? (Sure, uncounted women might have been raped and killed in the field of human conflict over millennia, but who's counting?) So, supposedly, men die in wars for women. The War of 1812 was fought to make American women .... well you see, the British were stopping American ships and therefore women, .... um, okay. But World War I was fought because Austria-Hungary wanted to teach Serbia a lesson because then women could, .... um. Well you see, Genghis Khan wanted women to have ... um. Rome and Carthage fought because their women, ... um. Well, anyways, men would go to war to DEFEND their women against other men who attacked them for reasons that had something to do with making things better for their own women, and that's the ONLY reason they fought. That's ALL they were trying to defend. Their WOMEN. And so women should fall to their knees and thank their men. And then make them a sandwich. Ha-ha!

And, anyway, they've got the vote now. So what are they complaining about?

I can't continue with this line of stupidity any longer. People who actually believe this shit are fucked-up.

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