Monday, June 16, 2014


Imagine a friend or a loved one with a debilitating disease. It's going to kill them one day, but nobody can say when exactly. It could be a month, it could be years from now. In the meantime, they're wracked with excrutiating pain and the slow degeneration of their body's functioning. They're either whacked on sedatives that reduce their pain to a constant, throbbing ache, or they're gritting their teeth in a hopeless frenzy.

No dignified suffering. No lessons on living to impart to those around them. Just a hopeless waste of a life.

That's kind of the level of futility I feel watching progressives and leftists stumble around in their delusions and schisms and impotence. It's hopeless to ask for anything more or to expect that something meaningful will come out of this stupidity.


Anonymous said...

Good god, do you ever have anything positive to say?

thwap said...

Who are you?

Tal Hartsfeld said...

All the legacies and fantastic achievements during the heydays of U.S., Canadian, and western civilization in general...just being trashed by today's degenerate social and political climate.
No-one even cares about their own history, or of saving/regaining any kind of integrity or any semblance thereof.

thwap said...

I think some people care about these things. It's just that 99.5% of them can't even begin to think about what to DO about it.

Sorry I didn't respond til now. I was depressed at the time.