Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dick Cheney; gall of ...

So, "Crooks and Liars" have a nice little piece called "The Gall of Dick Cheney" about his shameless co-authoring with his imbecilic daughter, an op-ed about how the sectarian violence in Iraq is Obama's fault.

To ask how he thinks he can get away with such nonsense is to explain it. What IS anyone opposed to him going to do about it?



That total non-answer is the reason for Cheney's gall. That's a measure of our impotence.

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Scotian said...

Apparently though not even everyone at FOXNEWS can stomach the Cheney version of reality. Crooks and Liars has a new thread showing the two Cheneys on defending again but this time the host is aggressively pointing out how Dick kept getting it wrong. Someone names Megyn Kelly apparently working for FOXNEWS actually grilling Cheney like the network was a real news station, now that shows just how far Cheney has fallen in this point.

Not that I disagree with you in the slightest regarding this post. This is one of those things where you and I appear to be on the same page over, both the man AND his ability to still be taken seriously on this issue despite everything he has gotten wrong and the massive deception campaign he ran while VP to trigger this insane war in the first place. My anger at how responsible journalism has taken a dive in the last few decades is not inconsequential.