Saturday, June 21, 2014

Observations on the Iraq Fiasco

Not that I believe that anything that I say will influence anyone of any political standing. But I'm a narcissistic blogger and I gotta blog!

1. Notice how nobody is all that concerned about getting george dubya bush's views on the Iraq crisis? Doubtless all of his supporters and his media enablers realize that he's an absolute imbecile and there's nothing to be gained from the exertions that would be required to present him as an "elder statesman" at this point in his dotage.

2. Can we really be all that sure that the takeover of vast swaths of the country by Sunni militants is entirely unwelcome by some in the USA establishment? After all, Al Qaeda was a useful tool in Libya and is a useful tool in Syria. It's pretty clear that US ally Saudi Arabia is providing the funding for this mess. If the US were truly serious about bringing an end to this nightmare, they could lean on the House of Saud to cut off the cash flow to these fundamentalist rebels.

3. But if the USA isn't really traumatized by the progress of these Sunni rebels, why all the public wailing and gnashing of teeth? Simple answer: The US political elite is as disconnected from reality a group as you're ever going to meet. IOW: They're completely insane. At one point at the end of the Cold War, the Bush Sr. administration claimed it was withholding economic aid to the reformist Gorbachev government due to its aid to the Sandanista government in Nicaragua. Gorbachev was justifiably frustrated by this because this aid to the Sandanistas was entirely a US propaganda fiction. But, the Americans are so cocooned in their self-righteousness and their bubble of misinformation, that they'd come to believe their own lies and were basing high policy upon them.

4. Further evidence of this thorough delusion can be seen in John McCain's belief that Barack Obama is responsible for the total withdrawl of US troops from Iraq, when in fact this had been negotiated by bush II. (Obama had tried to renegotiate the withdrawl, wanting to keep them there with total legal immunity for any war-crimes, but the Maliki government could not allow this when reports of covered-up atrocities by the US military were revealed by Wikileaks.

To conclude, this is a disaster. A fiasco. The people of Iraq continue to suffer and die because of the blinkered, incoherent (but for their consistent callousness and selfishness) of the US foreign policy elite and their oil industry paymasters. A pack of deluded, violent psychopaths.

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