Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why the Gun-Nutz Posts?

I suspect my 13 fans might be thinking "Hey thwap! What's the big deal with these posts about gun-nuts? Do you think it's a news flash that they exist and that we can't work with them?"

I confess that I wasn't really sure about why I was posting about them myself. Maybe it was their shared recognition with us that a police-state is forming around us and that they're actually fighting back (albeit in a psychotic, stupid fashion). But they're racist conspiracy theorists. There was never any serious belief on my part that they could be our allies. But in retrospect, I think it was the idea at the end of my last post on them:
The sad thing is; as criminals like Obama and harper and the Koch brothers and Wall Street continue to rob people and imprison anyone who complains, and the economy understandably deteriorates, it's these fascists who will form the larger resistance force. New Hitlers will emerge while progressives blather to themselves with laughable rhetoric and impenetrable theories.
Things ARE going to continue to get worse. And more people buy into the right-wing view of the world than buy into the details of our analysis. The natural tendency of ignoramuses and cowards is to respond to bad times by turning on people weaker than they are. Make scape-goats out of immigrants and the poor rather than do the informed, courageous thing, and actually take on the elites. The recent defeat of Wall Street servant Eric Cantor at the hands of an anti-immigrant Tea Party candidate is testimony to the continued (and growing) rise of the far-right in the USA. White supremacist gun-nut conspiracy theorists are just a farther-out-there wing of the right that blends into the Tea Party.  It's the same general idea. Middle and working class racists and right-wingers who think they're being abused by corrupt elites but who take most of their frustrations out on the weakest in society, generally out of cowardice and/or laziness. Whereas progressives seek to make common cause with the weakest so as to raise everyone up.

The tragedy is, as I've said numerous times since 2011, is that we progressives are fucking useless. Laughably so. When have we ever upset the ossified leadership of the NDP? When do governments go out of their way to placate us? In our culture, politicians are praised when they ignore or insult us.


Anonymous said...

Then our culture deserves to end.

thwap said...

It's going to!