Sunday, February 1, 2015

harper's derangement

Yesterday I struggled to try and process the extent of harper's insane delusion and his insane hypocrisy. He both believes in, and cynically exploits the ridiculous idea that "they hate us for our freedoms."
Canadians, he said, "are targeted by these terrorists for no other reason than that we are Canadians. They want to harm us because they hate our society and the values it represents."
Really stephen?  "For no other reason than that we are Canadians"? You stupid, stupid man. You imbecile.

Your wholehearted cheering for Israel's stealing from the Palestinians and murdering them, has no impact on how other people might think of us. Even if you're so ignorant, deluded or callous as to agree with Israel's barbarism, to be classified as remotely sentient, you must admit that this is a polarizing issue, and, indeed, that there are terrorists who terrorize precisely over this issue.

It was stephen harper and his Conservative Party who decided to make us a country fanatically aligned with Israeli expansionism. It is therefore stephen harper and his Conservative Party who must TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for bringing whatever terrorism we suffer as a consequence.

Has Canada not been part of the cruel and horrible occupation of Afghanistan? Have we not been killing Muslims there, propping-up narco-dictators and handing over people to be tortured by them? Yes we have. That is more than just being Canadian. That is more than drinking "Tim Horton" brand coffee while cheering on a hockey fight. That is more than soaking-up some maple-syrup with one's peameal bacon.

Has Canada not been targeting its Muslim citizens with racist harassment and occasionally sending them overseas to be tortured? Yes we have.
stephen harper, it is your "values" of racism, torture, brutality and imperialism that have brought us to this sorry state.

And, even then, ... what are we talking about here? One loser who used his car as a weapon, and one mentally disturbed man, who allegedly produced a video showing him to have been a genuine foot-soldier of international jihad. (Only it's more likely that if this video exists, it only shows him to have been a rambling drug-addict whose danger to Canada would have been eliminated by the de-criminalization of drugs, and funding for addiction and other mental health issues, rather than cynical policies of wholesale spying and trampling of citizens' rights.)

The people who support stephen harper are loathsome in their ignorance and their stupidity. These idiots will agree with "they hate us for being awesome Canadians" and completely deny their responsibilities for what their racist conspiracy theories have produced. They will hoot and holler as the leftards' rights and freedoms are taken away, too stupid to realize that they're their freedoms and rights too. But this is just par for the course. The reign of stephen harper has been "AdScam" on steroids, but they won't admit it. These were the jackasses who screamed that a coalition government was a coup d'etat, but who giggle and snicker at the thought that they got away with election fraud and stolen power. More people died from tainted meat, train derailments, homelessness, and any other consequence of harper's shit-headed policies, but they scream like colicky newborns at the threat of terrorism.

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