Friday, September 4, 2015

Earl Cowan on the Refugee Crisis

So apparently this picture comes from a site called "We Are Earl Cowan." I don't know it it's a Twitter feed, or what it is. I don't really care. It could even be satire. I'm not going to check. If it's a tribute site, it's fitting that they chose a picture of him sneering. Anyone who would proudly identify with such a stupid putz would obviously lack the sense to know what's a good picture and what isn't.

It's brainless ugly farts like Cowan (bigoted overall, racist, stupid, angry) who keep the "conservative" bowel movement going. Chugging away. They've been in the driver's seat for a long time haven't they? Helping harper steal a majority at last count. Foisting Mike Harris upon us and scaring us with Tim Hudak. Electing crack-smoking criminal gangster Rob Ford as Mayor of Toronto. Cheering on the violations of citizens' rights at the G20. And being the collective bile that supports Chris Alexander and the harpercon party's denial of medical care for refugees (in violation of a clear Supreme Court of Canada order that they restore it).

Can you imagine what Earl ("Go back to China Olivia!") Cowan's thoughts on the refugee crisis must be? I know. I've been arguing with racist trolls since yesterday. Incoherent, ugly, deluded garbage. Selfishness and greed. Ignorance and bigotry. It would be difficult to know precisely what the fool's thoughts on the refugee crisis actually are. This is a cretin who thinks the Duffy scandal is about income tax cheating and who berated journalists as "lying pieces of shit" for getting the story (as he imagines it) wrong.

It's not important exactly what he thinks. Regardless, it is incoherent and ugly. And deadly. We have allowed these fools to lord it over us for far too long. (And I do mean "allow." harper has his majority through goddamned fraud and we have acquiesced to that.) It is high time we sent these shit-heads packing.

Let them yell at their television sets in impotence. 

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