Thursday, September 10, 2015

harper on his last legs

For as long as it's available, I ask people to check out the video of stephen harper listening to journalists' questions about Syrian refugees during his campaign stop in Welland. Clearly, this is a guy who is not having a good time.

And let's face it: stephen harper is insane. he practices a lunk-headed version of Christianity that believes in Armageddon while at the same time he worships wealth. he is a twisted person. A shallow person. Given to fits of rage and pique at the slightest thing. He's a thorough bully and a complete coward.

And his bid for re-election is going even more disastrously than could have been expected. harper knew before he started that he had no good options. he banked everything on the price of oil and the price of oil has gone down the crapper. On top of his only recently abandoned policy of replacing Canadian workers with imported slave labour, the collapse of Alberta's Tar Sands could trigger a significant upsurge in unemployment. he knew the Duffy and Carson trials were scheduled around the time of any election.

he decided to call a long election, in the hopes that he could out-spend and out-campaign the other parties. Hopefully the electorate would get sick of all of it and tune everything out. Plus, the loathsome Pierre Poilievre had done so much to rig the game in their favour that election fraud will be even easier this time.

But then, the Duffy trial turned out to be far worse than people anticipated. (Perhaps it is worse than even harper anticipated. he's delusional enough and stupid enough that he might not have processed what basic questions about the PMO would reveal.) It's resulted in harper having to throw his long-time boy-toy Ray Novak under the bus.

Then, one of his vetted campaign guests (who got past harper's cowardly screening process) exposed the ugliness of Canadian Conservative voters for all to see, in a tirade to the journalists present. That ignorant ranter then turned out to be the same imbecile who shouted a racist remark at Olivia Chow during her run for mayor of Toronto last year.

Then the refugee crisis blew-up in their faces and the cruelty and racist crudity of the Conservative Party came up against the beliefs of normal people that when millions of people are in obvious distress, a large wealthy country like Canada can and should take in at least a few thousand of them. The psychopath Chris Alexander first tried to bluster his way past questions on the matter, until, failing in his goal, he lashed-out with a bunch of obvious lies about the media's failure to report the matter. That such a brain-damaged incompetent as Chris Alexander is one of the "star" candidates for the Conservative Party is a testimony to the low functioning level of most true believers. Alexander had to be sent back to Ottawa to (ostensibly) attend to the refugee crisis, but really to hide-out from the public until the memory of his utter stupidity and callousness had subsided.

Then, two of harper's candidates turned out to be, respectively, a tradesman video-taped pissing in a customer's mug in her kitchen, and a wannabe actor who posted videos of himself masturbating while making prank phone calls which included mocking the mentally handicapped.

Then a riding association director responded to the unexpected anti-harper statements by the new "Miss Universe," a Cree woman justifiably angry and disgusted over harper's abuse of her people with a bunch of racist slurs against the First Nations peoples. She had to go.

Paul Wells, who I thought had half-a-brain, is trying to insist that harper appears to be having a great time on the campaign trail.

But look at the photo above and look at the video. harper is clearly fatigued. He's had to send the raging monster Jenni Byrne from directing his campaign back to Ottawa, because she's clearly responsible for the problems so far. Not harper! Not his idiotic choices; the fall-out from his own racist refugee policies; his own arrogance and corruption; the low level of harpercon candidates; the sputtering abusrd outbursts from his demented supporters.

he's got that same watery, verge of tears look in his eyes that he had when he almost got deposed by a Liberal-NDP coalition. Look at him wince as yet another of his fans blurts out about how the media should care about Canadian kids who drown in pools and not Syrian refugees drowning in a desperate attempt to flee from wars. (And, anyway, do you suppose this shit-head cares about, say, First Nations children, taken from their parents and placed in over-crowded foster homes where they drown in the tub as a result of carelessness and neglect?)

harper is up there; heavily sedated (to calm his furious rage) weaving back and forth, tired, dispirited, afraid. Stupid.

This is a man whose sanity was never very robust, who is having a very bad time, during a long, drawn-out process whereupon he is very likely to lose all the trappings of power that validate his delusions and his bullying. It's all very likely going to be taken away from him and it's making him even sicker in the head than he usually is.


Anonymous said...

And now he's hired this Aussie psychopath crosby to help his campaign get even more vitriolic and vicious just like cameron's was run.
Again, can we petition somebody with more morals and credibility like Larry Flynt's investigators or Anonymous to seriously check him out and see if we can't get him thrown out of Canada as an undesirable criminal element?

thwap said...


That Aussie klansman is going to be the topic of today's post.

I think an investigation into harper's 5 million dollars would be fruitful. Plus, personally, I think that harper is a twisted closet-case (60-40 preferring guys to gals).* There have to be a few bizarre skeletons in that closet with him.

*Obviously nothing wrong with being hetero, gay or bi. Unless you're a leader of a homophobic political party that is the vehicle for hurting gays, lesbians, bisexual, trans people in order to win the electoral loyalty of homophobic religious freaks and/or closet-case citizen screw-ups.