Thursday, September 3, 2015

Piling On Chris Alexander

Chris Alexander rejected his claim
I've always despised Chris Alexander. He is, as Montreal Simon so eloquently describes it, a shameless servant of stephen harper. Alexander will do anything to please harper and thereby win power and perks. In his constant abuse of anything that might be considered human values and ideals to pursue his shallow gratification, Chris Alexander is a textbook example of a psychopath.  Some psychopaths go on to become CEO's or inventors or entrepreneurs or some other occupation that requires ruthless ambition. Less intelligent psychopaths do things like kill kittens and make cannibalistic snuff films. Chris Alexander is somewhere between these two extremes. He's not completely brainless, obviously, but he's not particularly bright either.

That's why he flew off the handle at Rosemary Barton when his self-serving drivel about his and his government's refugee policies came under assault on "Power and Politics" last night. Completely disoriented at the state of the world outside the bubble of the Conservative Party, cowed government bureaucrats and sycophantic, ass-kissing staffers, Alexander blurted out that the media hasn't given the refugee crisis the attention it deserved, falsely claiming that the CBC has only done two stories on the issue. According to this piece, "Power and Politics" has had 32 stories on the refugee crisis, including 5 debates and a one-on-one with Chris Alexander himself. Chris Alexander could not appear as a panelist on the show because he was a government minister.

Alexander has just announced he's "temporarily suspending" his campaign and is returning to Ottawa. In other words, he's going to hide from the press again, fast-track some Syrian Christian families' applications and construct a damage-control campaign. None of which will bring that dead boy or his family back to life. That dead boy and the rest of his family actually applied for refugee status in Canada. They have family in British Columbia and they were going to sponsor them. Their MP personally handed their file to Alexander who promised he would look into it. Their refugee claim was rejected, and here we find ourselves.

A couple of things: It's a fair question as to why the oil-rich nations of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, etc., don't take in more refugees. Even when the question is asked by racist, war monger "right-wing" harpercon stooge supporters. It's especially a fair question when the Syrian war and the Libyan chaos are fomented by those countries (or, more accurately, their corrupt, Sunni-sectarian nutbar oligarchs). It's also disgusting the way the European oligarchs and the grassroots racists and outright nazis are fighting to keep the refugees out, when Europe has done so much to plunder and disrupt so much of the world. But the mark of a great country (which Canada isn't and won't be until we live up to our treaty obligations to the First Nations and then go beyond them) would be to take in as many refugees from such horror zones as possible, no matter what other countries are doing. And if other countries aren't pulling their weight, then we should take in MORE, not less!

Secondly, notice how Alexander's message was to double-down on the need for military intervention. (Which reminds me; Canada is obligated to take in tens of thousands of fleeing Syrians because, like the scum-bags in the House of Saud, we are contributors to the evil of the Great Bullshit War on Terror.) There wouldn't have been time to discuss that separate issue on top of harpercon failure on refugees, and I don't think either Barton, MacCallum, or Dewar would be equipped to deal with it anyway, but it's testimony to Alexander's insanity and stupidity that he advocates more war.

Chris Alexander? You stupid fuckhead? You mention the Iraqi refugees Canada has taken in. Why are there MILLIONS of Iraqi refugees? Because of the chaos and bloodshed unleashed by george dubya bush in that country. People are fleeing Libya? Why? Because of the chaos and bloodshed unleashed by the USA and NATO (including Canada) as we turned that country over to Saudi-backed Islamist fundamentalists. Same damn thing in Syria. It's your crazed, mindless, brainless, witless imperialist war that has created both the refugee problem and the ISIS, Al Qaeda problem.

It's death, misery, homelessness and drowned little boys, because of your stupidity, your evil, your vile, psychopathic nature.

Like Montreal Simon, I hope and pray that one day Chris Alexander and all the rest of that harpercon scum will be investigated and, hopefully, tried for crimes against humanity.

Human garbage, the whole lot of them.
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