Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Elite Morality

So, I'm back at the gym these days and CNN is on the big screen tv in the changeroom. And I notice they're talking about how US troops say they've been forced to turn a blind eye to Afghan soldiers raping little boys. Two US soldiers who intervened and roughed-up one of the pedophiles were dismissed from the military.
The actions of Quinn and the other soldier, Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, against the American-backed police commander displeased their superiors in the U.S. military.
Quinn says he and Martland were relieved of their duties shortly afterward. Quinn has since left the military and Martland is now being involuntarily separated from the Army.
They had directly confronted a thorny issue for U.S. forces in Afghanistan: the subculture of bacha bazi, or "boy play," in which young Afghans are used as sex slaves by grown men.
For U.S. service members in Afghanistan, the abuse of children is infuriatingly hard to stop, especially when it's carried out by Afghan commanders allied with American-led forces.
"The reason we weren't able to step in with these local rape cases was we didn't want to undermine the authority of the local government," Quinn said. "We were trying to build up the local government. Us acting after the local government fails to can certainly undermine their credibility."
Seems that something similar happened here in Canada didn't it?

Then, on top of Conservative PM David Cameron supposedly having inserted his university-age penis into a dead pig's mouth, there's the British upper-class pedophile ring under Thatcher story:

What have we got now? Maybe TWO MILLION deaths as a direct result of US policy in the Middle East in the Clinton-Bush-Obama era?

Cuts to health care. Deadly de-regulation of railroads. Cruel and racist abuse of the First Nations. Disgustingly piggy-packing on the heroism of Terry Fox. Deliberately stirring-up racist hatred of Syrian refugees to galvanize their voting base. Being a lying, degenerate, hypocrite drug user, but voting for continued "carding" harassment of black youth.

This is right-wing "morality" folks.

But Jeremy Corbyn didn't button the top button on his shirt. He didn't sing "God Save the Queen." He stole a couple of sandwiches! (Actually they were given to him.)

The mainstream consensus is insane.

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