Saturday, September 26, 2015

Seventy Reasons to Hate stephen harper

So, the Tyee has a pdf document that describes 70 of stephen harper's crimes against Canadian democracy. A small sampling:
Harper Found in Contempt of ParliamentFor refusing to disclose information on the costing of programs to Parliament, which Parliament was entitled to receive, the Harper government became the first in Canadian history to be found in contempt of Parliament.
Against Court Order, Refusal to Share Budget InfoEven though it lost a court case and was ordered to comply, the Harper government nevertheless refused to share 170 times reasons and impacts for cuts with Canada's independent budget watchdog, mocking Parliament's right to control the public purse.
Conservative Cabinet Staffers Granted Immunity from TestimonyA PMO edict absolved political staffers from ever having to testify before parliamentary committees.
Conservatives Falsify Reports and DocumentsAmong documents deliberately altered in the writing or the quoting by the government:CIDA document by Bev Oda's office on Kairos; the Senate Committee Report on the Duffy affair; a report by former auditor general Sheila Fraser on financial management.
Repeated Duplicity in Afghan Detainees ControversyAmong the abuses: Parliament was misled and denied documents. An inquiry was shut down. Tories attempted to discredit diplomat Richard Colvin whose testimony diverted from the government's line.
And yet, and yet, ... neither the NDP, the Liberals or the Greens appear to see harper as a threat greater than any other political party. Certainly they don't see what harper has done to Canada as being as important as their own fantasies of their partisan self-interest. What we have now is a tight, three-way race, with the Greens happy to act as spoilers in a number of areas. Why should there even be a RISK of another harper government?

I understand why people might be Liberal or Green or NDP. I've been an occasional NDP member myself. I get it. The NDP ran against the Liberals for so many years in the past because they believed they had something better than what the Liberals did. I understand why most Greens think it's vitally important that they run candidates everywhere.

But there should have been an agreement to get rid of harper a LONG time ago. Because as idiotic as our political culture can get, stephen harper is a menace to our stumbling progress to date. Picture that loathsome alcoholic, drug-addled Mayor Rob Ford in the middle of his mayoralty. Waking up hungover, head-pounding, nauseous. Vaguely ashamed. Driving around intoxicated. Slobbering sexist slurs. Racist tirades. Stupidity. Laziness. Ignorance. Stupidity.

That's the "Conservative" political bowel-movement personified. And harper is the untelegenic, cowardly, stupid, lying front-man for corporate Canada, who use the drooling imbecile demographic to control one-quarter of the voters in this country, giving them a realistic enough base to steal one election after another.

But by all means fuck-heads, engage in yet another election contest with these cheaters and fraudsters as if the Conservatives are just another political party and this is just another run-of-the-mill election.


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