Monday, September 14, 2015

harper's Polices are Indefensible

... we know this because harper avoids questions; blocks questioners; hides from protesters, because he knows he wouldn't be able to defend his policies if pressed.


Anonymous said...

And now heil harper has manufactured an economic "surplus"? W.T.F.???
Has anybody bothered to fact check this to see how they cooked the books to arrive at this convenient miracle?

thwap said...


It appears that robbing the EI fund (like the sainted Paul Martin did), and secretly withholding spending in a number of departments (none of which were propaganda) was enough to make it look plausible.

They might be bull-shitting (the way the Harris PC's did), or it might be legit.

Regardless, it's a stupid goal: "Look Honey! I didn't spend $300 last month!"
"That's wonderful Dear! We starved and the leak in the roof got worse, but now we have more dollars in the bank to smile about!"