Saturday, September 5, 2015

I Have a Potty Mouth

 I notice that I say piss, shut, fuck, and other words a lot. It probably detracts from the impact of my critiques of mainstream political figures. Like that fucking shit-assed asshole Rob Ford. Or that moronic fuckwad stephen harper. Or that dick-brained smegma stain Tim Hudak. Or the putrid, piss-faced neo-liberal economists. The blood-stained asswipe imperialists.

Oh my goodness gracious me! Those people require a much more dignified, sober evisceration than my expletive-laced tirades.

IOW: I'm tired and don't have much to say today!


Anonymous said...

Or then again....maybe they don't!

thwap said...

Yah. I didn't think so neither.

trevorus said...

I'm still smiling from the "Paul Calandra: Sleazy grifter & Useless piece of shit" caption a few days back.

I'd venture to say anyone that comes to this page enjoys the vulgarities. Keep up the good mutherfuckin work.

thwap said...


Fuckin' A! I will then!