Thursday, September 24, 2015

Linda Nichol - Veteran For harper

If you go to pretty much any major internet story about the "ABC Veterans" you'll probably find Linda Nichol in the comments section. She claims to be veteran. (With great details that I never bothered to follow up on.) She'll swear up and down that harper has been the best friend that veterans ever had. If you want to blame someone for the lump-sum payments for injured veterans, blame the Liberals, who imposed that policy in the first place. Nobody has spent more on veterans, provided more services, etc., etc., than has stephen harper.

The point of this post isn't to creep on Linda Nichol. Assuming she is who she says she is, she's a retired CF person who has all the time in the world to debate online to defend the prime minister she honestly believes has done more for veterans than any other prime minister. But why then, is there this movement of virulently anti-harper veterans? What about all the stories of deliberately vague processes and deliberately vague denials of benefits? Why the shameful circulating of veteran activists PTSD records? How come, even with the whole "decade of darkness" meme about the Liberals, there was never a veteran's group that said "Anybody But Liberal"?

I've said for a while that I think there must be a lot of time-serving, shameless toadies at the upper echelons of the Canadian Forces. The sort who will leave their own people out to dry in order to curry favour with their harpercon masters. The institution is rife with racism and sexism anyway. They do nothing about that. They covered up for pedophiles amongst our Afghan Army allies. They'll let Peter MacKay use their helicopters as a personal taxi service and then nickel and dime wounded veterans. Could she be one of those types? I mean, she doesn't really address the issues raised in the original stories. She just argues with individual commentors and says that there are 700,000 veterans in Canada and most of them just LOVE stephen harper.

Just interesting. 


Lulymay said...

I have seen and read her rabid comments declaring that Harper is just the most wonderful, Mr Wonderful, the military ever had. She seems to possess an awful lot of personal information on certain individuals who have been critical of Harper's dealings with military retirees, particularly those with medical issues. She claims she was a member of the military and it sounds like her husband is still in the military. It also sounds like she came from a military family as well.

Personally, my read is that Linda is very well connected and has been treated accordingly as a military person. Unfortunately, there is just too much evidence out there that this is not the norm for most veterans.

thwap said...


Thanks for that info. In the comments at those links, people have referred to her penchant for mentioning personal stuff about people. They say she's all over Defence Minister O'Toole's facebook page.

Even if she believes what she's saying, she's not a very good advocate.