Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Stephen Colbert trying to be "inclusive" with Repugnicans

Everything that's wrong with the world. Sure, US Democrats are either loathsome or delusional or both. But Repugnicans???

There are the "grassroots" types who think homosexuals should be murdered (or at least driven to suicide by bullying), and that children fleeing from constant street violence in US-supported "failed states" in Central America should be deported back to their deaths because they're disease-carrying Spics, ... and that Blacks deserve to be murdered by the police; and on and on with their filth they go. And then there are the "elites" who tell their bought-and-paid-for shills to pander to the racism and homophobia of the "grassroots" because no matter what; such shameless political whores implement the most corporate-friendly legislation.

I get why Colbert thinks he has to do this. But it's wrong. Check out this comment from here:
A couple three of the bits were overdone and drawn out—the Oreos Trump thing was funny the first bite, then the second, but it went too predictably long, like an SNL overkill. Same with the Hummus commercial. He didnt do well with the serious part of interviewing—as soon as Clooney went into his Darfur experience, he let George talk but didnt do any follow up, or dive deep questioning, and then quickly skirted the conversation to Georges “lovely” wife…that made me think he will in fact struggle with the transistion from part playing, to being able to handle serious interviews—which we were told he could in fact handle. Sorry, he blew it tonight–and then tried to play “gotcha” a bit with Jeb. It also still reeked of anti conservative, Yay! all things Obama, and Left is Best stench—which truly he should lose and open it up to be a bit more inclusive…I mean with the closing number routine of “We got to live together”, he should think to be a bit less politically alienating and to in fact include everyone in the humor. Quick Subtitles naming the musical guest performers would’ve been impressive—I counted maybe 5 I recognized, vs. the shouting their names over the closing credits.
First night I’d give him a B minus….he was smooth though, but he has had 9 months to prepare. Funny, quick witted, but the serious interview skills (lacking) truly said maybe he’s a bit more limited than I thought he’d be. Even Letterman was good at diving a bit deeper—but no one has since matched Carsons ability to do it smoothly and without malice.
I mean, I'm sorry, but what was that? You want the political bowel movement you are part of to be taken seriously because of WHAT particular delusion? Fuck you. I remember recently reading some online harpercon supporter describing herself as "I have a job, and a brain," and I could only pity her. Sorry honey. Your admission of support for stephen harper shows that you're a total ignoramus and probably pretty scuzzy underneath the surface.

Because you can tell this person must have some claims to intelligence, but the whole right-wing pity-party drivel that it engages in!

Let's be clear here: The harpercon party of Canada consists of a bunch of sleazy conmen and closet-cases. End of the fucking story.

And the racist, suckers of Jesus's cock homophobes n' chumps of the Repug base should get down on their knees and beg for our forgiveness; instead of whining that they are not being pandered to. They have nothing of any value to contribute to ANYTHING so long as they're still so fucked-up as to self-identify as whatever it is they call themselves.

Right now they're falling over themselves in adoration in to a serially-divorced, 1-percenter, Chinese-slave-labour-loving, bullshit artist named Donald Trump. And they expect to be taken seriously?


No. A thousand-million times no!!!! You deserve the same level of opprobrium as NAMBLA. And until our society gets it through its head that the Republican Party of America (and the Conservative Party of Canada) has the same intellectual and moral weight of middle-aged men who would only fuck 12-year olds, we will make no further progress.

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