Friday, September 18, 2015

stephen harper Hid in a Closet

Lest we forget ...
You can't pretend to be a fearless leader who is the only one who can protect his people, and whose bravery justifies your dressing up in actual military gear, when you're a pants-pissing coward who flees to a closet leaving your followers to their fate.

So there was some sort of debate on the economy last night. I was out drinking so I didn't see it. Probably for the best. Various pundits have credited the win to all three of the men involved. Some call it for Mulcair. Others for Trudeau. Others for harper. If Elizabeth May had been allowed to participate, some might have called it for her!

Who cares what harper has to say on the economy??? Here's what we know:

  • harper is a detestable coward.
  • harper demonstrated and was convicted of Contempt of Parliament. (This should matter in a Parliamentary democracy.)
  • harper practices election fraud.

The conclusion can only be that harper is not a credible candidate. So un-fuck him.


zoombats said...

But according to The Great One, he is the best prime minister this country has ever had. Seeing those two back slapping one and another made me want to puke.

thwap said...


It it's any consolation, Gretzky can't vote for harper this election as a result of the recent electoral deforms imposed by Pierre Putrid.

zoombats said...

True, but the amount of rednecks out there think this lughead is a Star!

thwap said...

They're way outnumbered by decent people.