Friday, September 11, 2015

harper Hires Lynton Crosby: the rat will go down snarling

In yesterday's post, I didn't want to give the impression that I think that harper has given up on winning the election. If he had, he wouldn't have sent Jenni Byrne back to Ottawa. If he really thought it was over and he thought it was all Jenni Byrne's fault, he would have said; "Sure. Stick around. Why not? What does it matter?"

Instead, the idiot thinks that the sinking economy, the Duffy, Carson, Brazeau, Wallin scandals, the national revulsion at the harpercons' refugee policies, and the embarrassments caused by public outbursts of their shit-headed fans and shit-headed candidates are all the product of Jenni Byrne's abrasive, fanatical personality.

If he gets rid of Byrne, he can save the Conservative Party's chances in this election. Yeah! That's the ticket. (What an idiot!)

No. All I said was that harper is a physical and mental wreak, crumbling under the avalanche of bad news. That he's a coward and a bully who can't stomach the failure that he's brought upon himself. (And I do think that he will fail this time. Although vote-splitting and election fraud might save his bacon again, I think more people hate him, less people will vote for him again, and he might not have the margin to steal another majority.)

As ephemeral vigilance says; if harper believed it was hopeless, he wouldn't have hired Lynton Crosby to take over the campaign. Crosby, a snarling, anti-immigrant Aussie racist, shows that harper just believes that the Conservatives have to fight harder. Crosby is going to be like Earl Cowan if that racist ignoramus had a degree in public relations.

harper is a cornered rat who plans to go down fighting, and infecting as many of his adversaries with diseases as he claws and bites in his final death throes. In this case, harper will be spewing cultural and moral poison, stirring up his rabid base in one last orgy of hatred, racism and cruelty.

The hiring of Lynton Crosby provides a clue as to what the detestable Chris Alexander is doing in Ottawa. Is Alexander finally, at long last, doing something to expedite thousands of Syrian refugees into Canada? Evidently not. They've hired a guy supposedly expert at marketing and pandering to anti-immigrant and anti-refugee sentiments among the population. Chris Alexander is merely sitting at his office, enjoying himself masturbating behind that nice desk in the nice office, hoping he can continue to do something similar after the election. How hard can it be to CONTINUE to bar refugees from Canada? The old policies are doing the job nicely.

The hiring of Lynton Crosby shows why harper is in no hurry to work with the other party leaders to do something about the refugee crisis. harper has no intention of doing anything. harper's appeal is to racists. harper himself is a racist. he has a long history of involvement in racist organization and other inhuman organizations ("National Citizens Coalition" and now the "Conservative Party of Canada").

Hopefully harper hasn't damaged the psyche of Canada to the extent that the celebration of naked bigotry and selfishness that is coming will overwhelm the latent decency of normal people and help him shit out another quasi-victory. Hopefully, Lynton Crosby's talents at selling hatred won't help harper's final results. Hopefully we can defeat this monstrosity and start creating a country that increases its capacity for goodness, at long last.


zoombats said...

Crosby must work for big bucks with his reputation. Does he have a work permit or is having money passed into a foreign bank account perfectly legal? Am I missing something here?

thwap said...


Well, you have to remember that Elections Canada is a bullshit institution. It's full of rotten time-servers who are too chicken-shit to do their actual job.

They had to make a pretence of investigating harper's shitting all over our elections' integrity, because that's what all the money spent on them is about, but they had no real intention of standing up for us.

Here's their logic about why employing Crosby is legit:

"The Canada Elections Act specifies that it is illegal for anyone who is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to “in any way induce electors” to vote or refrain from voting for a particular candidate.

But a spokeswoman for the commissioner of elections says providing advice to a campaign or working for a campaign is not considered inducement."

Now, here's the thing: When I heard that the harpercons were illegally using US-based companies and individuals on their campaigns, I thought that charges should be laid. Elections Canada came up with some bullshit excuse why they couldn't or wouldn't do anything then too.

Right-wing scum then sneered: "Michael Moore canvassed for leftard candidates, ... you didn't say anything about THAT did you???"

And the fact of the matter is they were right. I hadn't really heard of Moore having done that, but I had a vague recollection of it. But I didn't know it was illegal. When this was pointed out to me, I thought that something should have been done about it then. Fines, or whatever.

At the present I think we should clean house at Elections Canada and write some ironclad legislation about the use of foreigners in our elections.

because right now, this is total garbage.