Monday, February 4, 2008

It's called "Hypocracy"! .. er, ... "Hypocrasy," ...

... um, "Hipocracy"? ... Hypocrisy .... HYPOCRISY!!!

Sorry, little joke there. For mine owne amusement.

Speaking of hypocrisy, and speaking of human jokes, "Darcy," over at "Dust My Broom" banned me, for using bad language. Meanwhile, one of his fellow mouth-breathing shit-stain eaters, a pompous semi-literate ass who calls hisself: "WL Mackenzie Redux" threatened to punch me in the mouth and called me an asshole. Yet it was I who was banned.

What follows is an in-depth look at the tsunami of idiotic statements that one will experience through even a brief visit to the right-wing shit0sphere. A long, leisurely swimming in stupidity. An extended tour version of one of CC's reports.

What was I doing at "Dust My Broom" anyway? Well, that's a funny story in itself. "Dust My Broom" (DMB) is a far-right blog that I'd been to, regretfully, a few times, following the occasional link from a critical fellow leftie, read the either vile or simply stupid entry and left.

One day, looking at my site meter, I noticed someone had visited the schoolyard via "DMB," and so, intrigued, I followed up the link. Imagine my surprise to find myself being slagged by banned commentor "wayne." Wayne (banned for cheering on the political harrassment of CODE PINK members) had been kissing my ass lately, trying to ingratiate himself with me to allow him to post here again:

I was reading another blog at the time, and typed what I did out of anger. Sorry, childish of me. If you kick me off it is not cencorship, it is your blog, your turf.


I get so frustrated with the left that I turn to Coulter and Savage. I know that everything they say is not true, but it makes me feel that we struck back idiot to idiot. Which is not a very mature response. But, neither is Bush bashing. You have very well written posts, I am better at speaking than typing, so bear with me. CC has eaten me alive, and you have hit me over the head as well. So I would like to start again.

Either "wayne" was being manipulative and deceitful with his pleading and compliments, or he's genuinely gotten angry and disgusted with me, because on "Dust My Broom," posting as "L. Wayne Mathison" referred to my posts as "crap":
Quote from above blogger:"Cue the closeted racists to appear and start denouncing First Nations violence, roused from their blissful sleep, where they were not dreaming about over one-hundred

years of broken treaties and "two-tier justice" against the First Nations."

Read more of his crap if you would like.

Following that with:

I've been banned from his blog for pointing out what I thought of his progressiveness.

Being a man passionately devoted to the truth, I could not resist interjecting that he was being dishonest.

No "wayne," you got banned for plainly supporting totalitarianism and applauding the harrassment of decent, moral human beings opposing the most massive crimes of the past fifty years. And you got banned because this fascism and stupidity is apparently an ingrained part of your personality and you therefore have nothing positive to offer here.
This happened once before. And Wayne tried to ingratiate himself with me then, like he was doing above.
I was reading another blog at the time, and typed what I did out of anger. Sorry, childish of me. If you kick me off it is not cencorship, it is your blog, your turf. ...

I get so frustrated with the left that I turn to Coulter and Savage. I know that everything they say is not true, but it makes me feel that we struck back idiot to idiot. Which is not a very mature response. But, neither is Bush bashing. You have very well written posts, I am better at speaking than typing, so bear with me. CC has eaten me alive, and you have hit me over the head as well. So I would like to start again.

If that reads familiar, that's because it is. Wayne recycled an older apology to me to make up for infuriating me about the harassment of CODE PINK. Bah!

Anyhooo, ... I found that someone had come to my blog via "Dust My Broom" and I went over there and checked it out and found "wayne's" contemptuous remarks in the comments section on a blog entry written by one "Lisa" about Gary McHale's recent woes in Caledonia. After responding to "wayne's" statements about me, I wrote a few words about the subect of the post:

As for all the rest of it, this isn't that hard to figure out.

There are lots of land claims.

There were lots of shady deals, abuses of process, and outright theft of First Nations' land.

The last time you racist morons got your way was at Ipperwash, remember that? When the Indians moved in and occupied lands that had been taken from them 50 years earlier and decades of peaceful petitioning to get it back did nothing for them. A racist moron named "Mike Harris" listened to you types and forced the OPP to clear the "fucking Indians out of the park." And an unarmed man, trying to get back his people's stolen lands was killed.

Now, despite having put a land claim on the area around Douglas Creek, the province allowed a non-First Nations to erect a housing development there, which will render any decision in the case null. To prevent the creation of "facts on the ground" some of the Six Nations community moved in. And the very next day, instead of waiting to hear the merits of both cases, the knee-jerk racist drooling morons who are always wrong about everything (Hi Wayne!) are once again calling for the cops or army to "get the fucking Indians out of the park."

And Gary McFuckhead has been bleating about "two-tier justice" for over a year and he's still incapable of recognizing the utter hypocrisy of his complaint.

Do the impossible people, ... grow a fucking brain.

My angry words prompted the following from a Canadian wingnut regular; the pompously nicknamed WL Mackenzie Redux:


Read some history that hasn't been strained through the racist revionism of SN reserve fanticism. As a matter of fact break the stereotype of all you rectionary "regressive" pinheada and just READ period...g'head surprise me.
As for 2 tiered law enforcement, there is no excuse for politically motivated violence and certainly politically motivated law breaking is totally unjustified in this nation...if you believe that violence is justified by having to put up with years of political belligerance, then I won't get convicted for putting my fist in your lying commie yap.
Before you shoot you pismire mouth off accusing people here of "racism" you should know there a lot of status natives here that do not agree with FN extortion, violence or crime.

Empty headed Asshole! (Emphasis added)

My response to WL Pompous Ass's tirade

Did you just physically threaten me? How precious! By the way, WL Pompous Ass Redux, ... I've encountered your own mouth-breathing error-filled rants before, on KKKate's SDA. You have zero credibility, and so your stupid, sputtering claims about what the documents say, and what the federal government is doing, are meaningless to me. Supposedly, I shouldn't get my info from decent websites, but from hate-filled stews of racist filth such as imbeciles like you inhabit? Thanks, but I'll pass. I've grown accustomed to being in the right.
You see, you simpleton, according to your own "logic," if the feds' simply "walking away" from the Natives' claim is PROOF that the Natives' claim is bankrupt, then the fact that the OPP is blaming McHale is PROOF that he's guilty. According to you, the government is never wrong. The fact that the feds have fucked the First Nations over for over a century doesn't register with you. Because you're racist. I know you don't like to hear that, what with racism being frowned upon and all, but that's what you are. Always willing to side against the First Nations. Now then, I'll advise you once again to grow a fucking brain. Lay off on the public, printed physical threats or this blog owner will have to ban you or something. Perhaps you could shut the fuck up as well, since you have neither the facts, nor sanity in your corner.

If I remember correctly, a contributor to the "Dust My Broom" blog is an Aboriginal Canadian who recently had a meltdown in response to a particularly gross display of anti-Aboriginal racism among his compatriots on the idiot side of the political spectrum. I assume that everything has settled down now, and he's back to normal, trashing other targets with them.
I suppose that he'd say that the thinking behind his actions is "complex" or something, and someone like me wouldn't understand them. If so, he'd be right about one thing. I wouldn't understand them. But not because they're "complex," but because they'd be mind-bogglingly incoherent. Sort of like the thinking that went behind this statement from his co-blogger "Darcey" when he banned me:

Nice 'progressive' language dude. Your [sic] banned.

Now, these people are shit-heads obviously, who in a better world would merit only mild pity and concern, but as I've pointed out several times, they're influential shit-heads, the shock-troops n' cannon fodder of the right-wing hate machine. And it's good to discredit them from time to time (when they aren't doing that to themselves).

Let's parse this little tid-bit (and the subsequent diseased ramblings that followed it) shall we?

First off, I'll ignore the incorrect use of "your" instead of "you're," since it's possible that was merely typo. Let's just try to follow what "Darcy" intended with his statement.

Nice 'progressive' language

What are we to make of this? By "progressive" what are we given to understand? I'm not really using "progressive" language? Is that it? What is that supposed to mean? Is he saying: "You think you're being so progressive, but you really aren't"? Something along the lines of the right-wing whine about how we "progressives" claim to be tolerant, but we're actually the most intolerant group of people (usually because we don't like some example of their religiously-induced bigotry and hatred) around? "Progressive" hypocrisy stems from the fact that the values "progressives" claim to embody are good, and that we think that we're good, but we're really only groundlessly self-righteous, and it's SURPRISE, SURPRISE (!) really the "conservatives" who are progressive.

So, he's criticizing me for using language unbefitting of the term "progressive." That's the only way it makes sense to me. I'd be interested in hearing other interpretations. Because, given the fact that WL Pompous Ass Redux called me a needle-dicked asshole who he would like to punch in the mouth, "Darcy's" criticism of only my unprogressive language becomes even less comprehensible. Is he trying to say that only right-wingers get to curse (and threaten) because they're by definition coarse and rude? So, only "progressives" have to actually be "progressive," and you can slam them when they are not, while "conservatives" really are just crude, boorish oafs and there's nothing to be said about it? That my crudity and rudity ... ;) ... is out of character and shameful?

If the above reasoning sounds tortured and convoluted, please bear in mind that I'm trying to reconcile the contradictions in "Darcy's" incoherent statement.

That served as the inspiration for the title of this post. Darcey's hypocrisy with regards to banishing me for my not 'progressive' language, chastising me for my not 'progressive' language, and allowing WL Pompous Ass to remain, after his belligerent, threatening tirade. But there's more. Witless clod "Shere Khan" wrote:

Curious lot these 'progressives'. Seems they are completely incapable of meaningfull dialogue without hurtling racial epithets and denigrating those they are debating. Mating call of the loser, I guess. Seen it too many times to be anything else.

What "racial epithets"? Seriously? I mean, sure, I tossed quite a few insults at them, but nowhere did I call them "crackers" or "white-trash" or "goyim" or anything of that nature. My complaints were with their stupidity, not with their ethnicities (unknown). Note also, that the idiot also refers to me as a "progressive," using the scare-quotes to mark that I'm not really "progressive." ("They call themselves 'progressive' when they're really hate-filled assholes. Which isn't 'progressive.' We don't reclaim the term, because we're proudly hate-filled assholes.") I note also that the sensitive Mr./Ms. Kahn has nothing to say regarding his comrade-in-shit's threats of violence towards me. Again, clueless about the extent of their gargantuan hypocrisy. It's interesting though, isn't it? Mr./Ms. Kahn affects a reasonable tone of voice and uses it to condemn a "progressive" as unreasonable, only the whole tragedy of the affair is that the content of Kahn's thoughts is pure garbage through-and-through.

Then, WL Pompous Ass Redux gets to pile-on, especially after the nasty lefty was banned:

Not good enough Darcy...time to file a complaint with this foaming misanthrope's Blog provider and IP for coming here and spewing slander and hatred.

The asswipe types in ALL-CAPS, threatens to punch me in the mouth and has the nerve to call me a "foaming misanthrope" and now wants to blather about going to the authorities about me spewing hatred??

The needle dick misanthrope sez:"According to you, the government is never wrong." I said, you never read anything you claim to (or at least have any level of comprehensive consiousness) to come up with that lie...I think I have been the most consistant cynic of government posting on the Canadian net...but no one really expected a turnip-IQed puerile bolshi with repressed sexual frustrions and Teurettes to actually render a honest literacy accounting...or assimilate reality and come to rational conclusions. As always we have another example of how Left wing fanatics are just sociopaths with a political excuse. Stick a fork in this one and fling it at the hog's over contact with reality and it's tiny primative brain flames out.

What can you say? Really? For the record, it's "its" when it's possessive. What else is there to say? A lot it turns out: Mr. WL Pompous Ass, and all and sundry, follow me very closely - When someone says "By your logic ..." what they're going to go on to do is not quote you verbatim. They're going to tell you what your words logically justify. This should have been very simple. WL PA Redux said that the federal government has walked away from negotiating this land claim because its groundless. Note that it's the government's walking away from the talks that is the supposed evidence for the idiot's case. It's a circular argument. I take that to mean that he's referring to the actions of a historically duplicitous government as an authority to your own argument about the groundlessness of the Aboriginal land claim. Which means he is using the government's actions as a justification for his own position. Which means that he must believe that a government's decisions are always and everywhere correct, since he's using their actions as an authority to buttress his own position.

Which is exactly what I said he was doing.

And, as I said, that logic is the same as my pointing to the OPP's arresting and charging McHale as all the proof that's needed to say that McHale is guilty.

I have a mental image in my head of WL Pompous Ass Redux. I picture some bitter, wiry, ugly old man; someone who was never popular with anyone, who had no male friends and certainly no female friends. I also see this individual shitting his pants in fear after typing out that threat to me, worried that "thwap" might find him through the intertubes and make him pay for that outburst. Even after "Darcey" banned the big, bad "progressive" he suffered from lingering fear, so he compensated by continuing to trash me, ... perhaps in the intertubes a banning makes one unable to subsequently locate one's opponents?

You can relax Mr. Pompous Ass Redux, ... I'm a lover not a fighter.

But Mr. Pompous Ass Redux; in the first place, the government hasn't walked away from the Six Nations land claim. It's still being processed. The government is delaying and stalling, as all Canadian governments do when it comes to land claims, but the claim hasn't been decided yet. So, in that regard, you're as enormously ignorant of the facts at hand and you don't really deserve to be listened to.

Ah, but listen we shall. Here in isolation, are the numerous gems from his final reply to me:

I think I have been the most consistant cynic of government posting on the Canadian net

Like I said, pompous ass.

a turnip-IQed puerile bolshi with repressed sexual frustrions and Teurettes

"Bolshi" ? What the fuck is this? This is where I get the image of a bitter old man. The Cold War ended almost twenty years ago! This is the sort of right-wing caricature that they always used to mock in those 1970s sitcoms! You know, the ones who annoyed everyone and who seemed to live alone masturbating to their Richard Nixon poster? And speaking of sexual problems, what the hell are "repressed sexual frustrations"? (I'm sexually frustrated, but I repress it by having a lot of sex?) I do believe that Mr. Pompous Ass Redux is tripping over himself in his panicked rage, and is grabbing wildly from his own experiences and sufferings (he's a repressed, sexually frustrated individual) as convenient material to attempt to insult others, hence his mangled typing fingers as he hurriedly blurts out: "frustrions." (Come to think of it, that might be the source for his repeated use of the insult "needle-dick.") Oh, and by the way, Mr. Pompous Dimwit Reflux, it's "Tourettes."

Stick a fork in this one and fling it at the hog's over contact with reality and it's tiny primative brain flames out.
My brain flamed out? (I'll confess to spelling "primitive" as "primative" from time to time.) From contact with your run-on all-caps yammerings? From Mr./Ms. Kahn's meaningless scorn? You've forgotten Mr. Pompous Ass Redux: I got banned! It's like he's imagining he's fighting someone, and in his excitement forgets that his real opponent left. (This is where the cowardly, frail old man image comes from.)

It's a little unnerving, the amount of stupidity that you can wring out of even a brief encounter with the dark side. Their original premises, their "arguments," their derision, their attempts at humour, ... all of it, ... everything that they type, .... it's all completely useless shit. Every thought in their heads, useless shit. It would take a trailer-park supervisor named Leahy to do justice to the intensity of the shittiness of their brains. And from this core of shit comes the ideas of the right-wing as a political movement. Shallow, thoughtless people, who might otherwise pass for normal human beings, when they want a tax cut, they'll tap-in to this political movement based on shit, and they'll thoughtlessly and lazily adopt the other planks in their "conservative" party's platform, never realizing the fetid source of all of these destructive, stupid ideas. But this is where it comes from. This hard core of concentrated disease and hate.


Scott Neigh said...

Hey thwap...I've been on the verge of commenting many times about my amazement that you continue to engage with these right-wing trolls. Sometimes I feel like you are doing something brave and valuable, because you are refusing to allow their idiocy to remain unchallenged on their own ground, and visible dissent can be important for lurking readers to see even if it has no impact whatsoever on the people who are writing back to you. Other times, I really wonder why you bother, given that it mostly results in arguments that I'm sure must be unpleasant to participate in and not terribly enlightening.

What do you see as the political advantages and disadvantages of engaging with that crowd as you do?

thwap said...

Well, as you say, there is something to be gained by exposing these people, especially for the benefit of lurkers at those sites.

But I do do this less and less as time goes on. Like Canadian Cynic says, these people are generally immune to rational argument.

I realize that they say the same things about us. Indeed in that very post that I'm describing they say that about me. But for the record, KKKate at SDA has deleted comments that undercut her idiotic talking points. I got banned from "Dust My Broom." There's some fellow named Unruh, or something, ... I think the place is called "The Politic," ... who replies to detailed criticisms with snarky one-liners.

I have comment moderation here because I can't be bothered even allowing the mindless ad hominems to appear for me to have to delete them later.

There's only one person that I'll admit to shutting down before I'd adequately demolished them, ... some racist boob named "Mithrandir" who was pretty slippery about his passive-aggressive racism on the issue of Six Nations and Caledonia. I was busy at the time, and I didn't want him to post anymore garbage about First Nations activists, so I banned him.

So there's lots of disadvantages to having these debates, but on the other hand, you can find out how they think, how they view the world, and know what you're fighting.

You can know, you can feel the immense emptiness of their brains.

I do it for a lark too, I suppose.

b_nichol said...

Just an amusing and somewhat parallel story about WLM (I or II) when he was a moderator on FreeDominion a few years ago. I had made an accusation of racism against one of the more prominent racist members there, and he promptly deleted my post. Except he quoted my post in his post that he used to show everyone why my post had been deleted.

When I pointed that out to everyone in my next post, he PM'd me that he would beat me or punch me or some such thing if we ever met.

Fun times.

thwap said...

b nichol,

I gotta ask, do you have a mental image of that idiot?

A mod at FD 'eh? Priceless.