Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Afghan Document Dump

Big fucking deal. The Liberals and the harpercons (who both have blood on their hands) sat with some BQ dude who was sworn to secrecy, and filtered all the documents from Afghanistan to remove any incriminating evidence before passing what got through the filter to a bunch of judges who then release that particle to us after checking such mundane things as the arrest of handfuls of Afghan peasants for "national security."

The fact that there's not much documentary evidence stems mainly from the fact that the harpercons made it military policy to hand over every prisoner to the first breathing Afghan government official right away so as to be able to avoid having to take responsibility for them.

Furthermore, the prisoners who we "lost track of" after "delays in notifying the Red Cross"? Well, ... that's just it, isn't it? Once you lose track of somebody in a torture chamber, ... and fail to notify the relevant authority that would give a shit about that person (because they're not amoral scum-bags like our illegitimate prime minister), that's a crime right there.

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