Friday, June 3, 2011

The Beginning of the Resistance

Bridgette Marcelle (aka Brigette DePape), a Senate page, was evicted from the Senate Chamber for holding up a sign saying "Stop Harper" during the Throne Speech of the witless, stupid, evil turds government.

Hurrah for Bridgette! Let's make this the first sign of the successful resistance to the harpercons' stupid, evil agenda.

Already though, the forces of ignorance and hypocrisy and vileness are farting out their condemnations: "Ms. DePape is showing disrespect for the institution of Parliament!"

Impolitical has the most reasoned, mature response to that bit of nonsense that I think you'll find anywhere:
What happens when august institutions are disrespected?

It breeds disrespect. That reference in the blog post title is to Mr. Harper's government and the actions it has taken which have bred that disrespect for one of the most esteemed institutions in Canada. The seat of our government has seen tremendous disrespect under his leadership. Not caring that one of your ministers inserts a "not" after a document had been signed by others, for example. Not respecting members of parliament who ask the government for the most basic of financial information supporting billions in purchases the government seeks to make. Making light of an historic contempt verdict. To cite the more egregious examples of recent memory and not even needing to go near the famous incidents of prorogation.

Breed disrespect, reap protest.
And here's my take on it: Fuck you, you sanctimonious goddamned hypocrites! You want to stand there and whine after harper demanded Parliament agree to approve policies after he REFUSED to tell Parliament how much they would cost? You want to stand there and whine about the dignity of Parliament after harper prorogued it because it was demanding to know about whether we were sending teenaged Afghan peasants to torture and rape? You want to stand there and bloviate about how harper "played by the rules" and won a majority (based on 26% of the electorate) after he ran to the Governor-General and asked for a prorogation to avoid a vote of non-confidence?

stephen harper repeatedly shat upon the FUNDAMENTALS of Canadian parliamentary democracy. There is nothing left to respect.

And just because almost 40% of the voters were ignorant, stupid, or selfish enough to vote for a guy who thinks the taxpayers should agree to fund multi-billion dollar programs without any information about them; a guy who thinks that he should be able to do anything he wants in a war zone without democratic oversight; a guy who is in the pay of the oil industry and therefore denies the reality of global warming and speeds the coming of a monstrous crisis of Biblical proportions, is NO REASON for the more enlightened, sane, democratic portion of the population to acquiesce.

harper voters are contemptible idiots. To hell with them and their tender feelings. Un-fuck you all!

You have been duped by a con-job and we are under no obligation to "respect" your ignorance and hypocrisy.

Bridgette's DePape's act will be the first of many to defy the idiotic, insane, stupid policies of the harpercons. They are bought-and-paid-for shills of the same corporate scum that are demanding that programs for the poor and the elderly in the USA be slashed to accommodate more tax-cuts for the super-rich and to pay for the bail-outs of Wall Street profiteers.

We will NOT acquiesce to this abuse simply out of respect for the decisions of the ignorant, the stupid, the hypocritical and the hateful.


Beijing York said...

A true ray of sunshine in this bleak political landscape.

Orwell's Bastard said...

You see the same stupidity at play in Ford-O-Vision's approach to governance in Toronto. I won the election. Game over. Democracy's finished until the next election.

thwap said...

Beijing York,

Indeed. I feel inspired by her action.

Orwell's Bastard,

That was Mike Harris' attitude too. But even when they lose, a-la bush II, they ignore it and bash forward. Or, in harper's case, in a minority situation, they burn the rule book (write their own rule book about how to screw everything up) and rely on media and elite cowardice and complicity to protect them.

Sir Francis said...

I say we reclaim an Order of Canada from some undeserving neo-con anti-Canadian fraud, like Jack Granatstein, and give it to Bridgette.

thwap said...

Make him take his medal off his own neck and pass it to her.