Thursday, June 9, 2011

Arts Funding in Canada

There's a huge discussion at Dr. Dawg's which I haven't read very much of. It's in regards to the wingnut-welfare Sun Media's attack on government cultural grants. In an update, Dawg provides a link to this article, critiquing the Sun Media attack (which was apparently delivered in a show called "The Waste Report" or something).

I've read part of the article Dawg linked to, but as I did, I was overwhelmed with the significance of the following observation: These Sun Media and other "conservative" types are, once again, yammering about "waste" as if they don't notice the shit spilling out of their mouths, nostrils, ears, and leaking out from behind their eyeballs!

$35 billion for buggy fighter-planes and that doesn't even include spare parts of maintenance?

Untold billions for a massive prison expansion we don't need? (Hey Sun Media and dumb-ass hypocrite Krista Erickson; can we see a story of your outrage about harper refusing to provide Parliament with the cost estimates to his proposed policies? [Kinda important.])

$150 billion minimum deficits just to make up for the implosion of the crooked Ponzi-scheme of the gods of Wall Street?

$1 billion+ so that Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair could FAIL to stop some windows being smashed and then slander the victims of his goon squad?

Tax-exemptions for idiotic religions?

Expense-account tax write-offs for elite Bay Street and Calgary oil executives to take each other out for dinner?

And on and on and on.

I don't give a flying fuck about your criticisms of arts funding. Nobody should. You're inveterate liars, hypocrites, and you're total morons. Un-fuck you.

You don't care about democracy or decency. I don't care at all what you think about anything.


Beijing York said...

It's not really about the money. It's about control. Dictators don't allow the arts to flourish because it encourages thinking and analysis - tools necessary to critique the world around you.

thwap said...

They're pretty big fans of fascist art and Stalinist social realism.

And naked women on black velvet.

I haven't figured out the attraction to poker-playing dogs yet.