Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Only Genocide Joe Can Save Democracy!!!!


Pol Pot, the genocidal dictator of Cambodia who the USA later protected because the Chinese didn't like him.  (It all makes sense somehow.)  [???]

Genocide is the worst thing that a society can do.  It's the collective version of a serial killer.  It is monstrous.  Everyone knows this.  Except for people who have been living in an insane and debased culture for so long that they've managed to normalize mass murder and genocide.  People like Robert Ivie at CommonDreams who write editorials such as this: Opinion | If Democracy Dies, So What? | Common Dreams

Let’s say the number of voters sufficiently troubled by the threat to democracy stands now somewhere between 2% and 23%. Maybe even as many as a third of Democrats plus half of Independents (together amounting to about 25% of voters) currently agree that the Republican Party’s presumptive candidate is a grave enough threat to democracy to vote for Biden despite concerns related to his age, inflation, interest rates, immigration, police reform, the Israel-Gaza war, and more. That is not enough to win the election, unless something changes between now and November to increase the number of voters seriously worried about an authoritarian victory and/or convinced on economic or other grounds to support Biden.

At least among Democratic voters and the subset of independents who tend to vote for Democratic candidates, it should be obvious that Donald Trump’s intentions for a second term are decidedly antidemocratic, that there is good reason to worry his authoritarian rule would not be restrained by democratic norms or institutions, and that a peaceful return to democracy would be unlikely after he takes power. Reminders regularly appear in the news.


Criticism of Joe Biden’s policies, or even concern for his age, is not the problem. Indeed, a healthy democracy engages in spirited debate and is marked by the serious contestation of divergent viewpoints. The problem instead is that translating such concerns and serious differences into a decision not to vote, or even to vote for a third candidate, amounts to a vote against democracy. The 2024 election is a referendum on Joe Biden only insofar as he represents the alternative to authoritarian rule. This election is not a choice between candidates of the two major parties both of whom affirm democratic values. The choice is between constitutional democracy and autocracy. If the candidate for democracy wins, the politics of persuasion in a pluralistic polity and governance by checks and balances continue; if he loses, rule by demagoguery and coercion begins.

This is a stark reality that prompts Bernie Sanders to work for Biden’s re-election, even though he strongly disagrees with Biden’s Israel policy. His announcement to stump for Biden focused primarily on the need to stop Trump and what a Trump administration would do to the country and the world. “If you believe in democracy,” Sanders said, “The next several months will be the most important in modern American history.”

I'm not going to deny that Joe Biden and the Democrats have done some good things that Donald Trump and the Republicans would never do.  But Joe Biden and the Democrats have broken many promises.  They've also continued rotten Republican policies.  They continue to risk a nuclear war with Russia.  They continue their war mongering with China.  They continue to pursue their ecocidal fossil-fuels friendly insanity.

If these "lesser evil" types spent as much time acknowledging how nauseating it is that we live in a system where the alternative to a fascist, white-supremacist nightmare like Trump, is a guy who is a partner in a genocide, and then advocating a genuine strategy for getting us out of that system, as they do telling us to abandon our principles and vote for the genocidal "lesser evil" then they wouldn't seem so utterly delusional and stupid.

And, as I've asked before, how is it that we've allowed ourselves to get to a state where a fascist can run for president and everyone is pretty sure that the US-American political-legal system will allow him to impose a fascist dictatorship?  What about "checks and balances"?  Do you suppose "lesser evil" Joe Biden's work on "anti-terror" legislation (which laid the foundations for the Patriot Act) and his crime bills which led to the massive expansion of the Police-Prison State, and his work as vice president under Barack Obama with further addtions to the Constitution-shredding policies of george dubya bush, bears any of the blame for the authoritarian society progressives are wailing about?

And, furthermore, if Trump is such an existential danger, why doesn't Joe Biden feel any obligation to renounce his support for Israel's genocide since it's hurting his electoral prospects?  Is Israel's right to exterminate the Palestinians more important than US-American "democracy"? [Leaving aside the reality that the USA isn't a democracy.  If the majority of the USA wants a policy but the super-rich adamantly oppose it, the super-rich will prevail.  This includes policies that the US electorate has wanted for decades despite all of their oligarchic mass-media's attempts to brainwash them.]  

The narrative is that the USA does have "democracy" and it is special and pure and a light unto the world.  And it is threatened by the re-election of the racist fascist Donald J. Trump.  And, imperfect as he is, .... as "old" [read: SENILE] as he is, Joseph R. Biden is the candidate to oppose him and protect this democracy that will fall over like a stick in a hurricane once Trump is sworn in.  But, despite this narrative of a fragile democracy threatened by a fascist demogogue (who is himself apparently the puppet of the Hitleresque madman Vladimir Putin of Russia) Joseph R. Biden is prepared to risk America's precious democratic heritage by not budging one iota on backing Israel's massacre of the Palestinians.  No! It's up to US voters who oppose the wholesale slaughter of an entire people to renounce their basic humanity and to vote for a man happily committing a genocide.

"BUT TRUMP WOULD SUPPORT THE GENOCIDE EVEN MORE!!!" These "lesser-evil" morons will shout.

That's probably true.  But again I ask: Besides asking people to vote for the "lesser-genocide" what else are these idiots doing?  Biden has backed a genocide in Gaza.  Biden is risking nuclear war to prolong a failed proxy-war/regime change against Russia.  Biden is saber rattling against another nuclear-industrial super-power China.  Biden supported Saudi Arabia's starvation campaign on Yemen.  Biden supported the Repugnican invasion of Iraq.  Biden's policies (either as a Democrat in power or when he voted in support of them as an "opposition" Senator) have killed literally millions of people.  His policies have forced literally tens of millions of people to become refugees.  And these "lesser-evil" imbeciles propose nothing serious to challenge the bipartisan insanity of the insane oligarchic ruling elite of the USA.  They have sunk so fucking low that they're now willing to forgive active partnership in a genocide!  

Some people have described the Republican-Democrat routine as a version of the "good cop/bad cop" routine.  You know, where one cop interrogates a prisoner by yelling in their face and insulting them and threatening them and the other cop steps in to calm their partner down and coax the prisoner into cooperating so as to bring the ordeal to a close.  Both cops want the same thing from the prisoner.  Maybe the "bad" cop really does have a short fuse and a lot of anger.  Maybe the "good" cop really does want to play by the rules and use persuasion and the truth to get a confession.  Or maybe it's all an act.  Same with the Democratic and Republican parties.  Maybe the Republicans really are the Stupid Party (as John Stuart Mill said of conservative parties in general) and maybe they are racist, inherently authoritarian, religious fanatic/hypocrite, quasi-fascist.  And maybe the Democrats really do wish that we could all work together, a docile, understanding working-class somehow getting treated decently by a visionary, entrepreneurial employer-class, and all of them united as US-Americans to defend democracy wherever it's threatened by the world. 

But it doesn't matter because both of those visions are stupid nonsense and there is no depth to which these garbage people are not prepared to sink us all to.  They have no values beyond selfishness.

Instead of trying to guilt people into voting for a genocidal monster like Biden, these people should pull their fucking heads out of their asses and try to come up with a way to sweep this whole rotten system aside.

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