Saturday, May 18, 2024

Blinken Rockin' Out Like the Complete Idiot That He Is

 So, after hearing about it a few times over the last couple of days, I decided to look it up:

I can't bring myself to watch the video.  I just can't.  [Same as I was never able to muster the courage or the enthusiasm to watch a video of stephen harper singing.]  And that means that I really don't know whether or not the performance included someone singing Neil Young's dystopian lyrics.  

The article from "The Hill" spends almost all its words quoting Ukrainians who found Blinken's stunt tactless, inappropriate, frivolous and offensive, and what-not.  Which is entirely fair.  And I'm going to get back to that.  I did want to mention this quote from the Republican side of the aisle:

Blinken also faced domestic scrutiny over the performance from the Republican National Committee, which wrote, “This is not a serious administration.”

BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!  The party of george dubya bush, Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, criticising their adversaries for lacking gravitas!  HA-HA-HA-HA!

Getting back to the lyrics though, ... the song was critical of the triumphalism in the USA at the end of the Cold War and speaks to continued international tensions and domestic problems (such as poverty and addiction).  Now, Blinken is about four years older than me.  He was about 27 when the song came out in 1989.  Being a wealthy airhead (then and now) I wouldn't be surprised if he just bopped his head to the tune and only heard the chorus.  But to have learned the song, read the lyrics, and to STILL not grasp its meaning is inexcusable.  Unless he'd want people to cut him some slack for being a complete fucking idiot.

As I said, most of that "The Hill" article spends its time on Ukrainians saying his performance was "inappropriate."  I'm going to arbitarily (and arrogantly) divide Ukrainians into three groups:

  • Ukrainians who know their country is run by kleptocrats and nazis and who therefore have no desire to fight, kill and die for it.
  • Ukrainians who aren't nazis and don't hate Russians but who have been brainwashed to believe that Putin's invasion was "unprovoked" and are rallying around the flag because they think he wants to destroy their sovereignty and make them part of the Russian empire again.
  • A small, but significant and [until recently] growing minority of Ukrainians who are nazis, who revere the memory of Stephan Bandera, and who hate Jews and who, like the stupid nazis they are, believe that Russians are subhuman untermenschen, even though both peoples are Slavs.

I'd say that ALL THREE of these groups are aware that the USA promised them all the help they'd need to resist Russia and that, instead, the USA never gave them everything they had and is now decreasing its support.  Now, try to remember: The USA wasn't just standing around, looking in the opposite direction, when Putin launched an unprovoked, out-of-the-blue invasion of Ukraine, whereupon the USA said to Ukraine: "Holy shit! You've been invaded by a 21st-Century Hitlerite Madman bent on conquering all of Europe!  By God we're going to help you stop this psychopath with all the means at our disposal!  We will see you through!!!"

That isn't what happened.  What happened is that the USA said that it was going to make Ukraine a part of the anti-Russian NATO military alliance and fill it with NATO weapons systems.  This made Putin nervous.  Especially since the USA had fomented a coup and formed an anti-Russian government with high positions in it for anti-Russian nazis.

(If any of progressive adherents of the shit-for-brains USA narrative about an "unprovoked" invasion want to dispute these facts with me, please do so.)

The point is that the USA was instrumental in bringing this war about.  It did so to weaken Russia.  Ukraine was going to fight Russia on the USA's behalf and the USA promised Ukraine that they would have its back in the fight.  Whatever it took for however long it took.  

But that turned out to be "Whatever you need, as long as it doesn't provoke Russia into attacking us directly."  So, no F-16 fighter jets, no long-range missiles, and what-not.  New weapons systems were introduced in dribs and drabs.  Why?  Perhaps because the USA expected their sanctions would destroy Russia's economy and, therefore, its ability to wage war.  Perhaps because the USA's neo-cons are delusional imbeciles (like Blinken) who know even less than I do about the realities of industrial warfare and for whom the fact that they lost to the Taliban never registered.

And, now that Russia's economy and industrial capabilities have proven unexpectedly robust, and now that the rest of the world outside of NATO has shown the confidence to reject the USA's hypocritical campaign against Russia, now that, in China, Russia has an ally with sufficient technical capacity to provide Russia with crucial imports, and with India, a country that can absorb Russian oil exports to get around NATO's sanctions, ... the USA's leadership is finding that their arrogant delusions are unattainable.

As I said last post, Biden and his advisors have realized their gambit failed.  They know the war is lost.  But they don't want to admit that until after the presidential election which they insanely imagine they still have a chance at winning.  So Blinken's brain-dead performance was ... I suppose you could say he was LARPing as Harry Hopkins or Averell Harriman visiting London in 1940.  Just to lie to the Ukrainians in the hopes of dragging the war out to mid-November.

My god!  Just think of the inhumanity of the Biden administration!  He wants tens of thousands more Ukrainians (hell, even hundreds of thousands, if they can find them) to die in a doomed cause, just so that he can get to an election day without having to acknowledge failure in Ukraine.  And, at the same time that he's willing to throw away Ukrainian lives to preserve his election hopes, he's unwilling to save Palestinian lives to preserve his election hopes.  Biden's satanic assistance in Israel's disgusting genocide of the Palestinians is alienating Democratic Party voters who are saying they can't vote for such evil.  Biden is ignoring them.

Please don't think that my condemnation of Biden and the Democrats at all constitutes support for Trump and the Republicans.  But just reflect on the cynicism, insanity and murderous cruelty of Biden and ask yourself if a system that vomited up two such political parties as US-Americans' only options is one that can be redeemed through limited reformation.


zoombats said...

I wonder if Neil got wind of the "Blink" playing his tune. He doesn't take kindly to jerks using his music for personal gain let alone stupid high jinks. As for Harper singing Beatle tunes it was always a very cringeworthy display. Harper was lower than snake shit and Blinken a close second.

thwap said...


One of the links in my post is to a Wikipedia article about the song. Essentially Young once allowed Trump to use "RITFW" if he paid him. Later, Young was angered when Trump used that song and another one at his fascist Mount Rushmore rally.

Young isn't the most coherent political thinker in the world (in my estimation) but he's generally a good guy.

harper sickened me more than Blinken does. But soon I think Blinken will pile up enough of his own shit so that he'll be equally stinky.