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Justin Trudeau's Finds ICC Ruling "Troubling"


Former pretty-boy (according to some women I've worked with he's "hit the wall" ... which is the phrase misogynists use to describe a woman older than 25) and once and forever airhead Justin Trudeau says that he finds it "troubling"null [????] that the International Criminal Court has found both Hamas AND the Israeli government guilty of war crimes.

"What I will say is troubling, though, is the sense of an equivalency between the democratically elected leaders of Israel and the bloodthirsty terrorists that lead up Hamas. I don't think that's helpful."

Justin! Shit-head!  What does the fact that Netanyahu and his cabinet members are elected have to do with anything???  Shit-head!  Hamas was democratically elected too!  That's the not the issue you shit-assed fucking clown!  And "helpful"?!? "Helpful" for what?!?  Do you think Israel's land grabs in the West Bank are "helpful"?  Do you think Israel's kidnapping and torture of innocent men, women and children is "helpful"?  Helpful for what?  What is it that you want to see happen?  

I know what Trudeau wants to see happen: An immediate ceasefire, simultaneous with Hamas releasing its hostages and disarming.  Those are Canada's demands.  Following that, the Israeli Nazi Party can continue to ethnically cleanse both Gaza and the West Bank, while the latest iteration of the Canadian Nazi Party [the Liberal or the Conservative wing of the genocide-backing,  standing ovations for SS veterans in the House of Commons, covering up torture in Afghanistan, cultural genocide of the First Nations committing party] pretends that nothing is happening.

Anyway, the issue isn't the elected status of Hamas or the Israeli government.  The issue is crimes against humanity.  The issue isn't whether some racist Israelis in an electoral district got to vote for the racist asshole nazi who supports the racist nazi pig Netanyahu.  The issue is the indiscriminate bombing of Palestinians (with bombs that, for decades, the nazi Israelis said were precision instruments).  The issue is the mass graves found with hundreds of bodies of people who were executed.  The issue is the deliberate starvation and dehydration of innocent civilians.

Speaking of that, here's how the gutless fucks, the Goebbels-worthy propagandistic hacks who dare to call themselves "journalists" describe this Israeli/nazi cruelty:

The Israeli military operation has also triggered a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, displacing roughly 80 per cent of the population and leaving hundreds of thousands of people on the brink of starvation, according to UN officials.

Speaking of the Israeli actions, Khan said in a media statement that "the effects of the use of starvation as a method of warfare, together with other attacks and collective punishment against the civilian population of Gaza are acute, visible and widely known.

"They include malnutrition, dehydration, profound suffering and an increasing number of deaths among the Palestinian population, including babies, other children, and women."

The United Nations and other aid agencies have repeatedly accused Israel of hindering aid deliveries throughout the war. Israel denies this, saying there are no restrictions on aid entering Gaza; it accuses the United Nations of failing to distribute aid. The UN says aid workers have repeatedly come under Israeli fire and ongoing fighting and a security vacuum have impeded deliveries.

Israel has been "repeatedly accused" of starving the Palestinians because they ARE starving the Palestinians.  They're quite open about it.  So, when they say at another point "there are no restrictions on aid entering Gaza" it's called "SHAMELESS LYING."  

Here are the words of Netanyahoo's Nazis (maybe a new situation comedy from the same universe as "Hogan's Heroes"):

One of them is by Nissim Vaturi, member of the Israeli Parliament, where he is Deputy Speaker. Although, according to Israeli TV Channel 12, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has in recent days called on politicians to choose “their words carefully” so as not to give ammunition ahead of the hearing in The Hague, Vaturi on Wednesday reaffirmed his calls to “wipe Gaza off the face of the earth,” and added: “Gaza must be burned.” “I stand behind my words... It is better to burn down buildings rather than have [Israeli] soldiers harmed. There are no innocents there,” he said in a radio interview before calling for the “elimination” of the estimated 100,000 Palestinians left in northern Gaza. “I have no mercy for those who are still there. We need to eliminate them,” added Vaturi, who belongs to Likud, the right-wing party led by Netanyahu.

The Minister of Finance, the ultranationalist Bezalel Smotrich, did not bite his tongue either in recent days. Last Sunday he assured that in Gaza there are two million — that is, almost the entire population — “Nazis.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu himself appears in South Africa’s lawsuit for mentioning, in more than one speech, Amalek, the enemy nation of the Israelites in the Bible and which God asked King Saul to exterminate: “You must remember what Amalek has done to you, says our Holy Bible. And we do remember.” It is a reference used until now by Israel’s most radical religious nationalism. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant is also quoted in the suit: “We are fighting human animals and we are acting accordingly.”

According to national television channel 12, Israel will attempt to play down these types of phrases during their presentation at the ICJ Friday. According to Israel, some of them, because they were said by people without relevant positions. The rest, because they have been misinterpreted.

Shortly after October 7, the country’s president, Isaac Herzog, originally from Labor, considered that “an entire nation” in Gaza “is responsible” for not having rebelled against Hamas, which has ruled the Strip with an iron fist since 2007. Minister of Heritage Amihai Eliyahu floated the idea of dropping an atomic bomb on Gaza, for which Netanyahu kicked him out of meetings of the Council of Ministers — but kept him in office.

There's more of that filth at the link and more about subsequent threats to starve the Gazans all over the internet. (I'm going to abstain from inserting links until blogger fixes this latest glitch.)

Being both an idiot and a narcissist, Foreign Affairs minister Melanie Joly couldn't resist the urge to pick up the bucket of pig shit and dump it over her head for the news people:

Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly said Canada also respects the ICC's independence and the government is monitoring the situation.

"All parties must make sure that they abide by international law," Joly told reporters outside of the House of Commons on Tuesday.

"We are closely monitoring the process."

What the fuck does that mean?  What are you "closely monitoring"??? The genocide or the ICC process?  It appears that you're not "closely monitoring" anything because Israel has been committing genocide (as opposed to abiding by international law) and the ICC has said so.  Once again, the Liberals sound like a brain-dead teenager doing a presentation on a topic they haven't studied.  Inserting stock phrases into their empty statements at random in a failed attempt to sound not-stupid.

Later in the article she continue to stammer stupid garbage:

It might take months for the court to reach a decision. Joly wouldn't comment on whether Canada would execute an ICC arrest warrant issued for any of the Israeli leaders, saying the scenario is a "hypothetical" at this point.

As for the Hamas leaders, she said they wouldn't be allowed to enter Canada in the first place.

"Hamas can't come to Canada, it's a terrorist organization," she said.

Melanie Joly is the sort of human garbage who can't decide for herself whether or not the deliberate mass murder of tens of thousands of innocent people, ... all the sickening crimes of the racist Israeli state are in violation of international human rights law.  Either that or she's prepared to give the impression of being a total shit-head because in reality the crime of genocide isn't enough to make her break with a fellow ally in the dying US empire.  

Below are some links that you might find useful if you haven't read them already:

ICC Goes Off The Reservation & Issues Refferal For Arrest Warrants For Netanyahu & Hamas’s Leader – Ian Welsh

Israel is using starvation as a weapon of war in Gaza | The BMJ

ICC's decision to seek warrants for both Israeli and Hamas leaders is 'troubling,' Trudeau says | CBC News

If You Can’t Even Elect A Candidate Who’ll End A Genocide, How Real Is Your “Democracy”? – Caitlin Johnstone

The genocide in Gaza is arguably the single most urgent matter in the world right now — partly for how horrific it is in and of itself, and partly for its potential to explode into wars which would bring far greater devastation to the region. But nobody’s allowed a vote on whether this will continue or not, even in the heart of the US empire which is making it all possible. 

The only candidates who stand any chance of getting elected are all committed to making sure this mass atrocity continues, because if you ever want to get anywhere near the presidency you have to make a whole lot of deals with powerful forces who were never elected by anybody.

And this just says so much about the nature of this “democracy” — a word which literally means “rule by the people”. If the people were actually in charge, there would be some option available to them to end the worst thing happening in the world right now. But the people are not in charge. When it comes to matters of the most importance, they never get a vote.

Attempt at a linklink.

And yet, not one article in Canadian media fact checks this. Not one article mentions the lop-sided deathtoll, the fact that the only day of mass casulties caused by Hamas was been Oct. 7, but Israel has had dozens of days of mass casualties and committed horrors far worse than that single day. Nothing. No, we’re left to believe that Hamas are the bloodthirsty ones because they are brown and racism is key Zionism.

For this to be the question posed more than 30 hours after the news first broke is scandalous. But even worse? Canadian media went along with it. They didn’t report on the fact that the government of Canada had made no comment about our ally and weapons dealer/receiver’s Prime Minister is being formally accused of war crimes by the ICC. Not one article mentions that it’s hella fucking weird that the Prime Minister of Canada didn’t issue a statement about the ICC decision, and that it only came out after he was asked during an unrelated scrum. Mind you, no media have seemingly noticed that Trudeau said nothing about the death of the Iranian Prime Minister either.

The Nadir of Human Behavior -

Israel’s reaction to October 7 is a regression to a talion Eye for an Eye morality [9] There is still no exact information about how many people were killed or who did the killing or the role of friendly fire, or whether killing civilians was on orders from Hamas or due to individual Palestinian reactions, and if so—what was the background of the perpetrator: was he imprisoned and tortured as a child, had he seen his parents humiliated by the IDF, had he witnessed brutal killing? (Robert Kennedy’s assassin grew up in Gaza and in early childhood witnessed the death and mutilation of family members). What leads Israeli perpetrators to such extreme cruelty and lawlessness? Bob Dylan sings of people “wounded in hatred.”

The End


zoombats said...

the group of those outraged by the inclusion Israelis as war criminals in the ICC is very small and can be connected to the countries who openly call for Palestinian Statehood but haven't declared it.

It has been recently been addressed by various media types that to remain "unequivocally" standing with Israel you have to be truly dumb or just insane. "Airhead" is putting it politely. How can we ever hope to see these people on the wrong side of history when you can just be beaten and arrested for demonstrating for a "Right" cause as students in the world are experiencing at this moment. Has Trudeau commented on the Antisemites being arrested for the cause of BDS?

thwap said...

Did you see that map where the countries that supported Palestinian statehood were in green and those opposed left uncoloured?

What would have made it even more overwhelming would have been to use a map projection that makes the parts of the world in the far north and far south look closer to their actual surface area.

I honestly think that much of the source for the disgusting things that Justin Trudeau does is his stupidity. He genuinely doesn't know how scuzzy he is because he's too fucking stupid.

Liberals are always keen to make things "complicated" when they aren't. They're even trying it with GENOCIDE.