Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Purported Video Purportedly Shows ISIS Burning Someone Alive

Far be it from me to stand up and defend ISIS. I wouldn't deny that such a video could exist. But as I understand it, the existence of the video is based on the testimony of people inside the parts of Syria controlled by ISIS. And, for my money, if western news media are going to dominate the news cycle with something, shouldn't it be DEFINITE news about a video DEFINITELY depicting someone being burned alive?

Because, you know, Kuwaiti ambassador's daughters lying to Congress about Iraqi invaders tossing Kuwaiti preemies out of incubators onto the cold, hard floor and all. (Look it up.)

But, it's probably true. Wasn't there an anti-Assad fundamentalist nutbar warrior who filmed himself eating the flesh of his dead enemy? Why, yes there was! Haven't the US-Americans behaved like monsters in the Middle East? Yes they have! Didn't some Israelis burn a Palestinian boy alive (in retaliation for three of their own sons being killed)? Yes they did!

All violent conflicts attract and produce psychopaths. This isn't news. It's not news. It's propaganda. And hypocrisy.


Anonymous said...

And all the stoopids that live here in "the great, white north" and all the rabid stoopids that infest 'murka are all screaming insanely about "kill them all and let gawd sort them out" because "white is right", ya know and gawd forbid we find out later this whole thing is more mossad kabuki. A zionist wetdream come true if there ever was one.
You can 't make this shit up, ya know.

thwap said...

I don't think Mossad had anything to do with the lies about Iraqis killing preemies to steal their incubators.

This might have happened. It might not have happened. But all sides tend to barbarism in war. Especially a conflict between a brutal dictatorship and Wahhabist screw-balls. Or between another brutal dictatorship and a corrupt, bankster-merchants of death - petro state serviced by its deluded "Christian" Crusader trash.

greg said...

Been reading about all the factions in middle east. Which governments have relations with whom. It's confusing and .....I mean Hezbollah is considered a terrorist group but they have seats in parliament. Hamas is considered a terrorist group but they also are a government. Sounds like a crappy one. Anyway, it possible to do business with these people. Obviously, ISIS is horrible, but the others....I'm just saying Hamas has in their charter that they are dedicated to overthrowing Israel but I've also heard they are willing to make a deal. ..... I'll just do some vacuuming and clean up a bit. Maybe I'll vacuum all night.

thwap said...


Hezbollah is a fundamentalist Shiite group that was armed by Iran and which gained its popularity (its very purpose) to dispel Israel from Lebanon.

They're not my cup of tea, but Israel is a greater threat to world peace than they are.

Hamas was supported in its infancy, by Israel, to bother the PLO. It developed a political wing and was elected by a relatively secular Palestinian society out of frustration with the collaborationist behaviour of the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority.

Israel's behaviour in the occupied territories inevitably produces terrorism.

greg said...

Thanks very much for the info. I had no idea Hamas was supported by Israel.

At the moment, I am trying to get a handle on the extremist threat in Canada. I assumed it was minimal. On the one hand, Harper fanning the flames, on the other, some Muslims seem to feel that its a big threat in Canada. My personal feeling, there are pockets, but I don't see too many ready to jump on airplanes. I just feel prejudice is a much larger issue and whenever someone is arrested, it just makes the prejudice worse. Anyway, I want to try and write some kind of article on it. Basically, I think Csis said that they had identified 130 people who had planned to go overseas. Maybe some just want to fight for their country. They hate Assad. It's not thousands. That would be a threat. It's 130 and out of that, 5 guys who might come back and do something. Something like that. Not a hard number.

thwap said...

If you google "Hamas mossad creation" you'll find tons of links, but one especially from the US establishment Wall Street Journal that the Israel apologists can't dismiss as some anti-Semitic conspiracy site.

greg said...

Thanks again.

At what point does the shit pile up so high.

Was it you writing about the us supporting Shiite militia death squads? Then the Us blames Iraq for not wanting peace. Stop hitting yourself Iraq. I think you also commented on people fighting overseas for different reasons. Tell me if you did so I can quote you. Who the hell is Thwap?

So many blogs and then someone writes exactly what the other guy said without remembering who. whom?

Also, been reading about supposedly Iran pulling the strings in all these other countries. Either they are very powerful or the US is pumping this up to. I guess you have to know which writers to trust. Seems to be mid east super power thing between Iran and Saudi Arabia, with Turkey and then gets complicated. How long can I write for before ...................

thwap said...


I don't think I've written about US support for Iraqi Shiite death squads, but I've read that Shiite militias have been the most effective resistance to ISIS and that they have tended to slaughter the Sunnis who are left behind in towns that ISIS flees.

Iran has friendly relations with the Shiite-led gov't leaders in Iraq, and also with the militias led by Muqtada al-Sadr, another Shiite leader.

The Shiites have also become the largest group in Lebanon, and the apparently reside in the south of that country. This gives us Hezbollah. And Iran gave Hezbollah weapons to resist Israel. They're not really a regional super-power. Their inability to easily repel the much smaller military of Saddam Hussein back in the 1980s is testimony to this.

I used to do a lot of reading back in the day. Now I read a little bit once in a while and learn something new along the way.

greg said...

Thanks again.

It's getting harder to prove I'm human.