Friday, February 6, 2015

Progressive Strategy For 2015 Federal Election

Slumberjack won't be voting. He'll (ineffectively) try to convince as many other people as he can to stay home as well. He might influence poor people (if he knows any) who were thinking of staying home anyway. The larger anarchist project is, ... well, don't try to impose any sort of oppressive narrative on him. Slumberjack subscribes to the "Human Strike" wherein any petulant refusal to do anything (or nothing [????]) becomes elevated as "revolutionary." And on and on you go until you die.

I suppose we'll all die. And many of our big projects will fail to come to fruition. So perhaps Slumberjack is right with this idiotic "Human Strike" concept. Just tell yourself that your everyday bitching and whining and passive aggression is a revolutionary project and VOILA! you're transformed from pathetic failure to anarchist super-radical!


I'd rather not talk about this stupidity any longer.

Sibyn will vote. Even though he/she lives in Vancouver and the election results from Ontario and Quebec will have already been counted and the election decided, rendering his/her vote null and void. And what with party discipline in the House of Commons, and the likelihood of a Librocon or Connibberal government, who cares anyway? Canadian democracy is a joke according to Sibyn. Unless it isn't. And Sibyn is just a powerless nothing in the face of the corporate tyranny. But Sibyn votes out of "civic duty." Because Sibyn is vast and contains multitudes. Either that or Sibyn is just an incoherent whiner.
I accept that as an ordinary person I have little to zero capability of bringing about revolutionary change, and don't feel the need to point fingers and throw all the blame onto the "other" for the state of affairs in the world. I don't blame ordinary people and I don't blame myself. 
Right. That translates as: "I can do nothing. Together, we can do nothing. But what are you going to do? How dare you try to insist otherwise? Now let me go back to complaining about how bad everything is."
Stupid shit-head. 

Some progressives continue to push for a coalition between the Liberals and the NDP. Two-thirds of those people are Liberals, for whom "strategic voting" has always meant vote for a Liberal candidate, even if the Liberal candidate is the least viable one. Because they're shameless partisan hacks.

We're more likely to see a coalition of the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, with the Greenies hanging around the edges clinging to the Liberals. What with all the smoochin' and a huggin' going on in the House of Commons these days.

Thuggish cretin Jim Flaherty retires? Send the obnoxious troll off with accolades. Then he dies? Actually cry for the toad. Then he gets a goddamned state funeral.

A schizophrenic with a seven-shot hunting rifle storms Parliament Hill? Give goddamned stephen harper a goddamned HUG afterwards!!! (OMFG!)
Could it possibly get any more sickening????

Then the buffoonish, boorish, bullying, incompetent, international disgrace John Baird retires. (So he can get his goddamned pension at 55 instead of 65.) And he gets a goddamned standing ovation by everyone in Parliament?

These assholes have demonstrated contempt for Parliament. Do you know what Parliament is Liberal and NDP MP's? It's the place where you work! It's the place you're privileged to represent us. It's where our laws as a people are proposed and debated. It's where you, as our representatives are supposed to keep an eye on the actions of the executive branch. Yes. That place. The place that harper rules with a stolen majority, obtained via widespread election fraud. It's the place where he's used that stolen majority to ram through one omnibus bill after another. It's the place where he refused to give basic financial information on his policies to you when he was in the minority. It's the place where he basically insults you as friends of the "Jihadists" who want Canadian soldiers to die.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Seriously! How did you get so fucked-up?
I can't continue today ....

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