Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The RCMP is Absolutely Insane

Check out this post by Alison at Creekside.

The whole thing is terrifying, but look at this particular gem:
The RCMP report then wanders bizarrely off into language treating anthropogenic climate change as some kind of hoax perpetrated by enviros. Greenpeace quotes from it :
"NGOs such as Greenpeace, Tides Canada and Sierra Club Canada, to name a few, assert climate change is now the most serious global threat, and that climate change is a direct consequence of elevated anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions which, they believe, are directly linked to the continued use of fossil fuels…. 
Research and analysis done in support of ongoing RCMP criminal investigations shows that those involved in the anti-Canadian petroleum movement have an interest in drawing public attention to, and building recognition of, the perceived environmental threat from the continued use of fossil fuels. 
The publicizing of these concerns has led to significant, and often negative, media coverage surrounding the Canadian petroleum industry. The use of social media, including the use of live-streaming, provides the anti-petroleum movement the ability to by-pass the traditional news networks, to control and craft its message, and to promote a one-sided version of the actual events, leading to broadly based anti-petroleum opposition.” (emphasis added). 
So while you're watching Steve furiously waving his C-51Jihadi puppethand about, keep a closer eye on what his other C-51 oilhand is doing.
Why the fuck does the RCMP think it's any of it's goddamned business that environmentalists are expressing their own opinions about climate change, fracking, the oil industry, and any other beliefs or views?

Do they have an "investigation" into the Fraser Institute's "one-sided versions" of economic policy? Or any other corporate-capitalist fuckwad hater of democracy and justice?

This is absolutely insane. They should all be fired.


Alison said...

Hi Thwap, tah for link.

The 44 page RCMP report is a lot more alarming than I managed to convey. Their data sources for the report include CAPP, Lindsay Krause, climate change *skeptic* Lorrie Goldstein, a rightwing pollster, and a number of newspaper clippings. Where they aren't misattributing quotes, they are making entirely unsourced claims.
Can only imagine the author was given a set of points to make and had to scramble to find supporting evidence. If a Grade 10 student had written this, it's pretty difficult to imagine they wouldn't get a failing grade.

I started to write a critique of it yesterday but Press Progress has already done an excellent job here.

opit said...

Sounds like a report on what people believe. If you think it incorrect, is that because you confuse belief with knowledge ? This is not by way of an apology for the petrochemical industry, a rotten lot of profiteers who still perform a function... if without compassion, sensitivity or even a semblance of stewardship of the environment. But ignoring what people believe ( because your intelligence is so superior ) is a knife that cuts both ways...meanwhile stopping meaningful dialogue and assessment. Not that fairness is much in evidence from them either, mind. Still...I do not see anyone's vision of possible futures a matter of demonstrable wisdom. Life does not work that way...nor do unresolved potentials.
Suppressing disagreement is not a method of winning an argument - but of running Poisoning the Well Argumentation, Strawman Argument, controlling the forum to reject those not echoing p.s. views, and much more. Another article to ponder - and I've read a bunch.

thwap said...


Thanks for the link. If it mattered (at a practical level) what I thought, I'd have read that hideous report myself. I still might, but yours and the Press Progress have given me enough understanding to know that it's garbage; frightening garbage (a colourful expression i think) designed to criminalize one point of view.

This is NOT the jurisdiction of the goddamned RCMP.

thwap said...


It appears that in your eclectic reading you have, among other things, decided to convince yourself that global warming isn't real, or it isn't caused by human activity.

This appears to be a very minority position. And there's nothing inherently wrong in that. As a far-left "radical", I couldn't think otherwise.

But you once approvingly posted a link to some clap-trap site making ludicrous claims about the Pope having authority over the POTUS or some similar sort of garbage, and in your global warming denialism, you've fallen into bed with idiots like Mark Steyn and this Tory Ardvark person. ("Michael Mann worked on the paper that won the IPCC the Nobel Prize and then ..." Well, it's too stupid to really continue with.)

In your confusion, you've tried to conflate giving deluded gas-bags the time of day with RCMP surveillance of the personal beliefs of environmentalists.

It's one thing to block morons from your twitter feed. It's quite another for the taxpayer funded RCMP to be monitoring the legal activities of environmentalists as a free service to the oil industry.