Tuesday, February 17, 2015

harper Blubbering and Whining About Radio-Canada

So, our unelected prime minister, stephen harper, was visiting Quebec in order to obtain some absolutely pathetic publicity photos of himself visiting the Winter Carnival. While he was there he gave an interview to a private radio station where he asserted that he believes the majority of Quebeckers support "conservative values"; " lowering taxes, staying tough on crime and cracking down on the threat of terrorism."

That's all harper has to offer you. he might lower your taxes. (he certainly lowers them for the rich. Then he runs deficits that requires slashing your services. Or, sometimes the provinces have to step in to bridge the difference. Especially when he increases their expenses. But, yeah, sometimes he lowers taxes.

Speaking of raising the provinces' costs expenses, there's what he calls "staying tough on crime." Most of the time this simply means a new piece of legislation to grandstand that the harpercons are making something illegal that is already illegal. But there's also their misguided, imbecilic move towards longer jail terms for everyone. The provinces bear most of the cost of increased sentences for increasing numbers of prisoners. They either go into debt, or raise your taxes.

So, once again, harper and his gang of idiots fuck it all up again.

All that's left is "cracking down on the threat of terrorism." Ahem. Bullshit policy for a bullshit threat. Suck on my hairy balls harper. I don't even feel like demolishing your stupid terrorism drivel.

I'll tell you what Quebec doesn't like: your Anglo-Canadian bigotry. your party's and your voters' constant screaming and yelling about how they hate that Canada is bilingual. your constant threats to equalization payments.

Face it harper, your sad attempts to woo voters in Quebec at the Winter Carnival are going to fail because you're a hollow shell full of shit. The people of Quebec have taken your measure and found you loathsome.

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