Thursday, February 5, 2015

Change the Narrative on Terrorism

Montreal Simon is saying that it's smart politics for Justin Trudeau (whose Liberals are doing most of the water-carrying here) and Thomas Mulcair (who have at least mentioned grave concerns about a lack of oversight) to acquiesce to the harpercons' new "anti-terror" bill and then change it later. This way, they don't fall into harper's trap. Because if they voted against it (it would still pass because of harper's fraudulently arrived at majority) harper would be able to paint them as being "soft on terror."

That may or may not be true. I'm not going to dispute Simon's assertion on what the most effective tactics would be. My point here is how depressing it is how ludicrous the common wisdom is and how refreshing it would be if there was someone in Parliament who would come down on this garbage like a ton of bricks.

Let's first establish that "terrorism" is entirely a product of western imperialism. Israeli imperialism creates terrorism as the only response of people being robbed and abused on a daily basis. Hamas was encouraged in its early days by Mossad. Hezbollah was formed to expel the Israelis from their illegal occupation of Lebanon.

US foreign policy has not only bred terrorism, it has created or at least encouraged it! The Mujaheddin war against the Soviets and their clients in Afghanistan brought us Al Qaeda eventually. US allies in Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Arab princely states fund and arm the extremist rebels in Syria and Libya. The atrocities of the USA and its NATO allies, added on to the decades-long abuses against the Palestinians, provide the means by which young Muslim men become "self-radicalized" (to use the most recent term popular with the mouth-breathing cretins who style themselves as experts on these subjects).

Constant harping about "Islamicism" by harper, CSIS and the RCMP, and various self-interested parties in the mainstream media also put these ideas into people's heads.

The best antidote to the problem of terrorism in Canada is the removal of stephen harper from power!
And, anyway, the best way to keep Canadians safe in general is to remove harper from power! Then we won't have quite so many deadly train derailments, killed and maimed soldiers, listeriosis poisonings, Tar Sands cancer deaths, and on and on it goes. As a matter of fact, if Canadians are worried about their safety, it's best to just deep-six the whole political "philosophy" of "conservatism" altogether!

If somebody could stand up in the House of Commons and throw back something like that at those beshitted imbeciles, that would be something to cheer for! And then, if that same person was confident enough and smart enough to ignore the mewling cries for "civility" and the harebrained complaints of those Canadians who run to the fainting couch whenever someone calls our bullshit political culture for what it is, I think a lot more people would rally to that person than the received wisdom would have it.



Inse said...

Maybe we need a few MPs that say it as it is. Clare Daly in Ireland

And with another independant this;

thwap said...


Yes indeed. That's what I was talking about. I'd love to see someone in our HoC rip into those scuzzballs, rather than all this hugging and kissing we've been seeing lately.

Anonymous said...

That awesome woman has bigger cajones than mulcair and trudy put together! Can we import her and run her against harpie and his crime cabal? She'd kick the shit out of the three of our so-called leaders put together!

thwap said...

We have to develop such a person on our own. And get them elected. It would take a much more informed public than we have at present.