Monday, February 23, 2015

Flotsam and Jetsam

Creative writing assignment: Imagine the self-pitying rationalizations and blubbering going on inside Dean Del Mastro's brain as the fraudster awaits his sentencing.

Why didn't stephen harper attend debates in the House of Commons on his "Stasi-in-Canada" bill?Answer: He's a fucking pants-pissing coward. He was afraid that he'd shit his pants if Mulcair asked him a hard question and he was also consumed with the fear that the "Islamists" who populate his paranoid mind might attack the legislature as this important piece of legislation was being discussed.

On both those days, harper was in his office, curled up in a fetal position, weeping shamelessly.

It remains a simple fact that "conservatives" in Canada have killed WAY MORE Canadians than have any terrorists.

Imagine how stupid you'd have to be to be a Canadian, living in a small town, north of the Great Lakes, and one reason you'd vote for the harpercons is that you support their hysterical stance on terrorism!

Finally, ... we should all form committees of independent, unaffiliated folks, and strategize on how to harass the harpercon candidates in the upcoming federal election. Mercilessly, on camera, and posted widely on social media.


lungta said...

i believe the greatest threat to canadians is in health care
if i remember correctly
results in 23,000 "accidental" deaths per year
maybe we can just get them an extended healthcare package

thwap said...


Good point. If Canadians are afraid of dying, investing more money into healthcare is a better investment than police-state policies to pretend to fight the Great Bullshit War on Terror.