Friday, February 27, 2015

The Pervasiveness of Right-Wing Garbage Culture

I have no idea who those two people (in the picture above of two young news anchors - in case the image is lost later) are, other than that they're news anchors. I put them up there because I wonder just how so many Canadians can be supportive of the draconian police-state bill C-51, and, indeed, the whole Great Bullshit War on Terror (GBWT). Even initially. Even if just at first glance. And I'm moved to speculate that it might be two things: Television news and the ranting of "Crazy Uncle Liberty." (This is the right-wing relative who emails you shit about the Muslims and about Justin Trudeau and David Suzuki, or who loudly holds forth at family get-togethers and what-not.)

You can't truly fault the print media for the collective ignorance and stupidity that elevates terrorism to be a greater threat to Canadians' safety than right-wing politicians and their capitalist masters. This is a simple fact, based on the numbers. And, the one time that the terrorists DID kill a lot of Canadians, CSIS and the RCMP shrugged their shoulders and so did the government. That was the Air India bombings by Sikh terrorists. I think racism explains the general official apathy on that one. Just as I think that racism partly explains the official hysteria on Islamic terrorists. But, anyway, while there are a disproportionate amount of democracy-hating elite scum writing columns in newspapers, the majority of print columnists, from Andrew Coyne to Linda McQuaig, have been pretty consistent in their trashing of harper and his contempt for democracy. Besides, relatively few people read newspapers nowadays. The editorial endorsements of right-wing newspaper owners can't account for all that much in the general public's embrace of nonsensical ideas.

I don't watch the television much at all. But when I do see the news, it's often CNN, or the local call-in show at Hamilton's CHCH. And I get the impression that television news gives a much more right-wing view of the world than what you get in the newspapers.

Combine this with emails about Obama's birth certificate, or David Suzuki's corruption and hypocrisy, from Crazy Uncle Liberty, and you've got yourself a country where the majority of the population supports allowing CSIS and the RCMP to spy on everyone, without oversight, so that people in Kenora or Kamloops can feel safe from the non-existent threat of terrorism.

(Tell me; do any of YOU get emails from your Crazy Uncle Liberty? Do YOU send out unsolicited political emails to your friends and family and co-workers?)


greg said...

Gotta say, you were right about the liberals in this country.
81 percent in support of this bill. Fine, you might as well vote for Harper.

What are these people thinking "I've been liberal up until now, but I think Harper is stonger on fighting the terrorists and I'm gonna support this bill." Okay then why aren't the polls 80 percent in favour of Harper. How can people be .............Jesus. I don't get it.

How's it going by the way?

thwap said...


Not so hot. i have to take my vitamins and st. john's wort s'more.

listless, unfocused.