Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Piece-of-Shit, John Baird, Resigns

Is the idiotic buffoon going to collect from the corporate greed-head fucks he serviced so loyally?

Who knows? Baird knows.

A standing ovation for this criminal scum? This self-loathing homophobic mental basket-case? This towering incompetent. This partisan bag-man?

Once again, Canada's political classes show themselves for the hopeless fools that they are.



greg said...

.I'll take the job! how much does it pay. "Fight terrorists, check, accuse everyone of being anti- semantic. Check. Must be right. No spelly thingy.

thwap said...


It's all a question of semitics.

Anonymous said...

you say semitic, I say semantics
semitic, semantic
passivic, pithantics
baird pissed the whole thing off

thwap said...

so do you think he was a rat abandoning a sinking ship, or that he wanted to cash-in in the private sector for all of his "public service."?

Omar said...

I think it's both. With a little more emphasis placed on the former.

thwap said...


I hope so. I hope the harpercons are feeling sickly and scared.

I don't see what they have to fear though.