Thursday, February 19, 2015

How Many Canadians Would Join stephen harper In The Closet?

Ralph Nader, via Montreal Simon (probably quoting somebody else), tells me that public support for harper's Bill C-51: The Canada Stasi Act stands at around 82 percent.

For fuck's sake!

Who are all these cowardly, ignorant, deluded ninnies? Once again, simple fact: The harpercons have killed, and will kill, more Canadians than the terrorists. Furthermore, "conservatism" in general, and the wider pathology of capitalism will kill even more.

That the vast majority of Canadians remain so ignorant of this FACT and so confused that they thereby support an unaccountable police force spying upon and harassing peaceful protesters, is the fault of the media and of the opposition parties.

Imagine a psycho at a house-party, who has already been punching and knifing people. Then he pulls out a sawed-off shot-gun. In this situation, most sane people would run and/or try to neutralize the danger. But in Canada, the deadly and corrupt harpercons are presenting us with this legislation and most of us appear to think it might be a good idea. As if we're the fellow party-goers who are hoping the psycho won't hurt anybody and maybe he's trying to protect us.

"The True North, Strong and Free" indeed.

What blithering cowardice! What a nation of poseurs!



astone said...

Fron personal observations and conversations with close friends and family(some of whom lived under the nazi's), I have come to the conclusion that most people are to stupid to appreciate real Democracy. I am ashamed of my country.

thwap said...

Well they certainly don't appreciate it.

They don't appreciate it either because they're anarchist fuckwads who have no clue.

But that's a small minority.

They might not appreciate it because they've been trained not to.

They might not appreciate it because as it stands, the reality of Canadian democracy is pretty sordid and bleak.

I agree with that last sentiment. But I always thought the answer to that was to make things better. Now to imagine that word-weary passivity was a solution to anything and to slide merrily along into dictatorship.