Sunday, February 22, 2015

Interview With Peter MacKay (cont'd)

Continued from here. (I got lazy about transcribing.) We're talking about Peter MacKay's admiration for some of the values of New Brunswick gunman Justin Borque who killed 3 RCMP officers ...

thwap: What were these admirable values in your estimation?

JMPM: Liberty, personal freedom. The military.

thwap: That's it? That's pretty vague. I seem to recall his also being a racist.

JMPM: Well, now that you mention it, it's a little strange that you're so fixated on labeling white people as terrorists, when you ignore the cultural aspects of entire groups of people that make them, ... all of them, legitimate targets for surveillance.

thwap: What are you talking about?

JMPM: Anarchists, First Nations terrorists, those cop-haters protesting against the legal system in the United States ...

thwap: Wait a minute! People protesting against police brutality are "cop-haters" but right-wing gun-nuts who actually kill them are misguided individuals?

JMPM: It's a simple fact; when police go into mainly white neighbourhoods, they're not made to feel as unwelcome outsiders.

thwap: Well, that's obviously because of racism ...

JMPM: Fighting crime isn't "racist." The main killer of young black men in the United States is other young black men. Not cops. But that doesn't square with your desire to blame everything on the police. And more and more police officers aren't even white to begin with. Your whole view of the world is ridiculous!

thwap: That whole "black-on-black" crime thing has already been thoroughly debunked. 85% of whites are killed by other whites. People tend to kill people they associate with. If you want to pretend that the justice system in the USA 
isn't slanted against blacks, or that Canada's isn't slanted against Aboriginals ...

JMPM: There it is! Even after Caledonia! Even after Ipperwash! Despite all the illegal blockades and burning police cars in New Brunswick!

thwap: It's amazing. You actually share the same garbage theories as your most blinkered ideological soul-mates! You actually believe that the First Nations enjoy "two-tier justice" in their favour!

JMPM: And all the corrupt band chiefs, who would go to prison in the real world, for theft and embezzlement. But they get to stay in power because they're "sovereign nations" and their people would rather blame Canada for all their problems.

thwap: Back when you still, ... when that meat-head Stockwell Day was justice minister, there was a report that showed that First Nations individuals were arrested more, given harsher sentences, and spent more time in solitary when in prison, than any other group.

JMPM: I don't believe that's the case.

thwap: That's just what Stockwell Day said. [It's true, keep reading down into the post, only if you want to. It's there.] Supposedly, government agencies like the Office of the Correctional Investigator write annual reports full of completely bogus facts, just to push their radical, hateful agendas. Like climate scientists ...

JMPM: Hey, you said it. Not me!

thwap: Sarcasm. How you guys can pretend that, for instance, government scientists and government agencies can simply make shit up, year after year, and you don't investigate and expose them, let alone fire them, ... it literally makes my brain hurt to try to imagine the Bizarro World you've constructed to explain reality.

JMPM: Unlike you, conservatives don't see government as the answer to all of life's problems. We believe in just getting out of the way and letting people rise to their full potential.

thwap: You believe in getting out of the way of corporate criminals and letting their profits rise to their full potential, regardless of how many people are killed as a result of their short-sighted greed.

JMPM: Typical left-wing whining. I don't need to listen to anymore of this crap.

thwap: I'm sorry. I'll get back on topic. Why are isolated white, racist individuals not terrorists, but isolated individuals who declare Jihad are terrorists?

JMPM: I've already told you; teenaged neo-nazis aren't part of an existing worldwide culture ...

thwap: And it's already been established that they ARE part of an existing worldwide culture.

JMPM: People who have a distorted viewpoint of mainstream values have a distorted viewpoint because they're distorted individuals. Certain non-mainstream cultures are distorted to begin with, so they produce legions of terrorists.

thwap: Can you give an example of one of these distorted cultures?

JMPM: No. Because you'll jump all over me and call me "racist."

thwap: Come on! Be a pal!

JMPM: Nope. Ain't gonna do it.

thwap: Is imperialism a mainstream value? One that can have no ill effects and no bad consequences?

JMPM: Resentment over historical grievances is living in the past. And there were good and bad outcomes from so-called "imperialism."

thwap: So, US interest in the Middle East's oil isn't "imperialism"?

JMPM: Nutty conspiracy theory.

thwap: This is as productive as arguing with a stupid right-wing internet troll. Fuck off.

[Sorry for such a boring, fake interview. I started it intending to have "Peter MacKay" confess to all manner of racist beliefs. But as I wrote it, wanting it to appear natural, I introduced all the dodging and weaving that most right-wingers resort to to avoid taking responsibility and found it was taking far too long for a not too important goal. So, I brought it to a hasty conclusion. I'm posting it to justify the 45 minutes or so I wasted composing it.]


Owen Gray said...

It's not hard to imagine Mackay saying these things, thwap.

thwap said...

Thanks for that Owen. I was trying.

greg said...

I had a whole thing about being shocked that it was fake and then going nuts as a result, but I couldn't quite get it right.

thwap said...

Writing is 98% perspiration.