Thursday, February 26, 2015

harper Debating Trudeau? and Tax Revolt!

This was a picture of Elisha Cuthbert. I thought about a picture of Justin Trudeau but I thought a Canadian actress would be much more random. Now it's gone. Tuff shit.

I saw a headline somewhere that the harpercon political hacks are weighing the idea of getting their boy in the debating ring with Justin Trudeau. The logic being that JT is such a pretty-boy airhead that the "experienced" stephen harper will make him look like a fool.

I happen to think it's a great idea! First of all, it shows that harper is terrified of the idea of a match against Mulcair. Second of all, ... it just shows how completely out-to-lunch the harpercons are. Just what "experience" does harper have that is at all relevant?? Sure, harper's "experienced" a lot of things in his several years in power, but let's face it, debating isn't one of them.

harper hides from debates. Pretty much all the time. Or he shows up in Question Period and utters bald-faced lies and useless generalities, secure in the knowledge that his tame poodle Speaker Scheer won't call him on them.

Aside from sitting and keeping a straight face while Peter Mansbridge blows him, harper doesn't sit and take questions. he's a fucking coward and, at the end of the day, he really isn't all that bright.

And finally, on this topic, I am goddamned sick and tired over how good-looking people like Justin Trudeau, Paulina Gretzky, me, Elisha Cuthbert, et al., are discriminated against as being air-heads (actually, i have no idea if Ms. Cuthbert has suffered such a slight). I think JT should just go in against harper guns-blazing. Because if he listens too much to his handlers he'll be so nervous that he'll appear unready, and it will work in harper's favour. He should just say what he feels and he'll either look like an idiot (which will help the NDP) or he'll fuck-up harper's shit and cause the doofus to say something that will reveal the hollow man filled to bursting with toxic goop that he is.


If, god forbid, harper steals another majority, or wins a minority that the opposition would be too ignorant, stupid and cowardly to topple, ... I suggest that we lay the groundwork for a nationwide tax-revolt against him.

I've been saying for a long time that achieving anything major against the elites requires shit-loads of foundation building. First, you have figure out where their vulnerabilities are. (And, sorry, but it bears repeating that twenty activists freezing in the cold for an hour outside a government building doesn't really get at anything vulnerable.) Then you have to get as many people as you can onside.

Let me just put it out there that there are a lot of Canadians who pay taxes who hate stephen harper and his anti-democratic, inhuman policies. harper has long ago forfeited his right to govern us. Get everyone onside with the idea of a nation-wide tax-revolt against harper. Tax-time comes around 2016, and harper's in power? Don't do your taxes. Just don't do 'em. The mother-fucker steals elections, withholds cost estimates, rams through omnibus bill after omnibus bill with his stolen power? Don't support it. Don't pay your taxes.

It's your right, nay, your duty, as a citizen in a quasi-democracy, to withhold financial support for usurpers.

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