Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Afghan Wife-Rape Law

Brian over at The Canada-Afghanistan Blog must be getting a little tetchy. He has the unmitigated gall to refer to Dr. Dawg as an "idiot" when he's more than willing to accept praise from the sputtering, cowardly gas-bag Terry Glavin.

The fact of the matter is, I don't think Brian is an idiot for supporting his cause. (I do think he's willfully deluded himself in order to ignore the absolute scuzziness of the Western powers which undermines the whole notion of this being a benevolent policy.) I certainly don't think Dr. Dawg deserves to be called an idiot for the nature of his criticisms of the Afghan occupation.

Brian does bring up an interesting point about the significance of this wife-rape law:
As far as I'm aware, a law with the consequences outlined above would not be constitutional nor would it comply with the international treaties signed by the government. Let's keep shedding light on this matter, but hold off on the cries of 'betrayal'.
If there is such a law, it will be struck down. If it is struck down, it will be a tribute to what we're fighting for: universal human rights backed up by the rule of law.

Let's see if he called that one correctly.

And Brian, try to stay a bit more classy. H'okay?


Dr.Dawg said...

That's the exact-same phrasing as Terry Glavin used over at Raphael Alexander's place:

1) If there is such a law
2) Then it's unconstitutional.

Glavin went on to say that Karzai has signed his political death warrant if he persists, because all his (Glavin's) friends in Kabul are furious with him (Karzai).

If NATO doesn't apply continual pressure (and what happens when they leave?) 1) the law will be put into effect; 2) the Supreme Court, led by a fundamentalist, will discover it's not in contravention of the Constitution; and 3) Karzai will ace the August elections.

As for being an "idiot," that's an improvement on the "flaccid" reference from him earlier on. When you don't have arguments, namecalling will have to do.

Dr.Dawg said...

And it seems that the gung-ho save-the-Afghans-from-themselves brigade is shrinking in size:


thwap said...

I think it'll be an important to see which way it goes on this issue.

If the Afghan political system fixes itself, then it's significant.

If it goes as you predict, their posisition becomes completely indefensible.

If the Karzai government bows to outside pressure, it will prove nothing good to anyone.