Thursday, April 2, 2009

Politics is a Full-Time Job

Heck. I don't necessarily want to lobby politicians. Wine them and dine them and get their support for things that will benefit me.

I'd just like to have the time to work on a serious article. Or throw a rock through the window of an MP whose party is gleefully leaving a fellow citizen stranded in the Sudan. Or get people to sign a petition demanding an inquiry into accounts of child rape by the Afghan security forces. Or to keep an eye on genuine lobbyists and their attempts to game the political process.

Alas, alack. There's 3 things that didn't get attended to today. And I don't want to sacrifice family for politics. Then there's groceries, dinner and dishes. And then there's the fact that I'm a weak man who needs lots of bed rest.

Corporate Canada has well compensated hucksters and promoters. And they pay for 'em with our money. It comes out of what they over charge us for goods and services. Bank fees and the like.

Have a nice day.

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