Friday, April 10, 2009

What I'm Reading

In the absence of any inspiration for today's post, I'll provide links for two books that I'm reading:

Paul J. Dosal's Comandante Che (2004) ... Che's image is everywhere. I read a really slim biography about him that I've got upstairs (think the author's last name was "Sinclair") and I reviewed the biopic "Motorcycle Diaries" here at the schoolyard. Anyway, this book is pretty good. Details about the practical realities of the Cuban revolution and Che's ideas about guerrilla warfare and the Tri-Continental. I'd like to read his remarks to the OAS about Kennedy's "Alliance For Progress" sometime.

M. J. Akbar's Nehru: The Making of India (1990) ... I'm enjoying it because it's nicely written and it's going into detail about the philosophical and political differences that went into the formation of the Congress Party and the Muslim League which eventually led to the partition of India and Pakistan.

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