Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not-Quite Wednesday Night Muzeek Vadeeo's

Winding-down now. Know I'll be 2 bz for ne-thing else tomorrow, so here's some videos I encourage you to see and listen 2, if onlee for a lil' bit.

First, a fan-made video for Mindless Self-Indulgence's "Mastermind." It's a freaky video for a funky number. Note: The young lady getting hit on the back of the head, ... that was from a joke/play-acted video-ette ... saw it a couple yearzago. She's s'poosed to be excessively perky. But watch to the end for delivery-room scene! Intense!

Next we have two misunderstandings between myself and Motorhead ...

In this, the 1irst one (1 plus first, sounds like thirst) ...??? ... Is "Dr. Rock." But first thyme i herd it, ... i wuz thinking Spider-Man's Doctor Ock, ... Doctor Octopus. [okay, another film title could be Dr. Ackula! DrrrrAcula!!!]. Here it is (live) ... don't haff 2 lissin 2 hole thing ...

Next toon iz Lemmy Kilminster's celebration of British terror-bombing in WW2 "Bomber." But the way he says "It's a bomber!" makes me think it could've been a song for Obama's prezidential campaign: "It's Obama!" (thatzull u haf to lissen 4).

Finally, here's two intents seens frum "bloo-velvet" combined into one!

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