Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hey! It's Eric Margolis!

A while ago, I wrote a post about state-sanctioned thuggery and murder in Canada and Iran. Essentially my point was that letting Robert Dziekanski's RCMP murder-squad avoid penalties for his death was going to put us on the fast downhill slide to our becoming like countries such as Iran, where, fairly recently, Canadian (of Iranian birth) photojournalist Zahra Kazemi had been tortured, raped and murdered by torturers within Iran's official repression apparatus. That when state-paid killers enjoy immunity from prosecution ... well, it's so obvious a truth that it doesn't need elaboration, right?

Not for drooling moron/psychopath/racist KKKate Makkkmillan of small dead braincells. I don't really know how big a readership KKKrazy-assed KKKate still has in her echo-chamber. I really don't care either. But she used to be a big deal in the Canadian blog-o-sphere. There are a lot of really fucking stupid people out there apparently. Anyhoo, KKKate took issue with my argument there and posted a link to it. She entitled her post "Eric Margolis, is that you?" At the time I didn't get the connection because it didn't make sense and it still doesn't. It doesn't make sense because "making sense" is something that KKKate is only capable of once in a while, being the nut-bar cretin that she is.

I think if you were to try to fill in the gaps between what reality is and KKKate's unfortunate brain-fart, it would be something like: "Eric Margolis is harshly critical of US policies in Afghanistan and Iraq. This 'thwap' person is also saying something critical of a US ally. Therefore, he is just like Eric Margolis. Unh - Dahhhh! I will call my post 'Eric Marolis, is that you'! Dahhhh!"

I mean, it's not like I totally disagree with Margolis. As I said here:
Eric Margolis isn't my cup of tea. There's a reason why he's carried by fecal-brained Toronto Sun. He was a strident anti-communist and was quick to condemn the Soviet Union or People's Republic of China for their violations of human rights, but also seemed to give the United States the benefit of the doubt in its "Cold War" foreign policies. He appears, however, to be a man of principle. 
But that post was where I was agreeing with him about the destructive impact of our support for Afghanistan's sadistic NDS.
Fahim and the Tajik-Uzbek-Communist Northern Alliance took over the revived secret police, the National Directorate of Security (NDS) and the prison system. In short order, the KhAD's old torturers were back in business. 
Prisoners taken in the dead of night to Lubyanka were systematically beaten for days with rubber hoses and clubs. There were special cold rooms were prisoners could be frozen to near death. Sleep deprivation was a favorite and most effective Cheka technique. So was near-drowning in water fouled with urine and feces.
I recall these past horrors because of what this column has long called the gradual `Sovietization’ of the United States. This shameful week, it became clear Canada is also afflicted.

This morning, I find myself in agreement with Margolis again when he asks the question "Are we becoming what we once hated?" with regards to the Orwellian surveillance programs being used on us ostensibly in the "Great War on Terror." And so I'm posting a link to it and entitling it the way I'm doing as a tip-o'-my hat to the ever-clueless, ever-stupid, KKKate Makkkmillan (wherever she is and whatever she's doing).
Today, the military trial of document leaker PFC Bradley Manning has echoes of the Soviet era: a show trial in which a lonely individual is slowly crushed by the wheels of so-called military justice, an oxymoron.
The dramatic revelations of fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden brings back sharp memories of Soviet-era dissidents, jailed, banished, locked in foul psychiatric hospitals for daring to speak the truth.
In my day, those seeking justice and freedom used to defect from the East Bloc to the United States and Britain. Now, ironically, we see a major defector, Ed Snowden, fleeing to Russia.
While the corporate-owned US news networks sugarcoat or obscure the NSA and Afghanistan War scandals, it’s left to Russian TV (RT) to tell Americans the facts. Who would have thought?
We journalists used to mock Pravda and Trud as party mouthpieces. Today, it’s the party line all the time from the big US networks, online news, and newspapers.
 The answer to the question "Are we becoming what we hate" is "Yes."

This answer is to the shit-heads like KKKate who fall for whole "War on Terror" scam. Because it is a scam. "Terrorism" is far less of a threat than was the nuclear-armed super-power Soviet Union. That would go without saying to a non-shit-head. To the extent that terrorism is a threat, it has "root causes" (a term disparaged by right-wing shit-heads), mainly to do with US imperialism in the Middle East and, increasingly, by US violence against civilians in Muslim countries. (This is only in regards to the terrorist violence that is being used to justify the shredding of civil rights here. Right-wing violence and non-Middle Eastern terrorism is of almost no consequence to Washington.) It's all a scam when you consider that Saudi Arabia is a big exporter of the terrorism in question and it's a close US ally. When you consider that the USA is employing Al Qaeda among its other cats-paws in Syria as they did in Libya. To think that with one hand they arm and fund them and with the other they paint them as an existential threat necessitating the suspension of our civil liberties! Who false for such an obvious scam? Right-wing shit-heads of course!

WoT is not targetted at miniscule terrorism threat. But on us. Hammer iss coming down. And dunderheads like kkkate are the cheering section. When it does come down, they'll blame the Muslims or the fags. But I will blame them.

And I will also blame the "liberals" who are so fucking deluded that they continue to support the president behind this exposed surveillance abomination. The Obama-zombies who can't escape the two-sides only nonsense of the US-American political system and the Canadian liberals who would like nothing better than for us to be stuck with such a bullshit political system here.

Who knows what the future will hold? An anti-communist group tried polling Romanians about the dark days of the thuggish Ceau┼čescu regime found that almost half the population say things were better for them under communism. (23% said things were better under capitalism and the remainder had no opinion.) Just like with us today, where the vocal, politicized tiny minority are the ones targeted by state violence, Ceau┼čescu's victims only constituted a small minority of the population. For most people, having a job and a roof over one's head is found to be preferable to the stress of uncertain employment and the resulting homelessness of 21st Century capitalism. With no real viable ideological opponents, capitalism is growing arrogant, callous and careless. They're building a world revolution this time. A truly global consciousness. But they're also building a powerful surveillance-repression system. Barack Obama, stephen harper, bush II or Justin Trudeau. It's all the same.


Anonymous said...

You couldn't be more right about obama, harper, Trudeau and the shrub but don't forget his father, bush I was the head of the CIA so he had a lot to do with all this current shit as well.
So what about Mulcair?

thwap said...

I hardly think about Mulcair anymore. He's a more worthy opponent to harper than J.T., but he's everything that's wrong with "social democracy" as a Canadian political category today.

I'm getting heartily sick of the NDP on the whole.

Anonymous said...
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thwap said...

Deleted unread.

Owen Gray said...

Sometimes it looks pretty hopeless, thwap. But don't give up.

thwap said...

Hope has to be based on something. There is nothing to base hope for this country on.

We will go the way of Russia. Our oligarchs will go too far with their corruption and the "Ford-Nation" SUN reader types will have a neo-fascist hero who will take them in hand somewhat, while reserving his real anger and venom for people like us.

Mr Bilderberg said...

Small Dead Animals is very popular, unlike this blog.

thwap said...

Mr Bilderberg,

What an asinine thing to say. Does SDA's popularity constitute proof of genuine quality?

That asshole KKKate called for the re-opening of the residential schools. Even before we knew about the hunger experiments, that was an appalling thing to say.

I suspect that little brain-fart of yours will be the extent of your attempt to argue your team's case.

thwap said...

Yep. Nothing. Typical.