Sunday, August 11, 2013

I Had a Dream

Part of it was that I was in the lobby of a mental hospital and this woman who was in a very agitated state was being told by the nurses at the front desk that they didn't have any room for her. The woman was short, late middle-aged, with a cheap printed knee-length dress on. She was depressed and frantic. The nurses/bureaucrats were all very simpering in their "I'm terribly sorry" routine.

Dejected, the woman walked away. She held out her hand to take her sister's "hand." Her sister was, if anything, in worse state than she was. She was about a little over a meter tall. She had a sleek, pear-shaped torso. Her arms and legs extended down into narrow, rounded points like an amputee. She was naked. Her body was a blue, rubbery substance. Her head was also a featureless appendage, narrowing up into a point. Silently, she joined her sister and left the building.

I went home to the basement apartment that I was living in in this particular dream. The whole thing a brownish, retro-recreation room feel to it. The fridge was along the main inside wall. I opened it. The freezer compartment was almost solid ice, except for a narrow cavern in the middle. Ice had attached itself to the taller items on the top shelf in the refrigerator and was working its way down. I absent mindedly began to punch at the edges of the ice block in the freezer.

I began to talk to ephemeral about the woman and her sister. Ephemeral took offense at my referring to the sister as a "creature" but I said that she was a blue, rubbery, headless thing. What the hell else could I call her.

There was more but there weren't any coherent connections to that section.

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